June 24, 2019 – White Mountains – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  The White Mountains cover one quarter of the state of New Hampshire, and actually run into a small part of Maine.  The mountains are popular for hiking, skiing, and Fall foliage seekers.

So I usually do not post about locations I have blogged about previously, however I could not resist sharing today’s Adventure in the White Mountains, one of my absolute FAVORITE spots to explore.  Today our Adventure involved locations we have ventured to before, including:  The Basin, The Basin-Cascades Trail, the Pemi Trail, and Echo Lake.  Although we have been to these spots previously they NEVER disappoint.  From the fresh-clean-clear water, to the waterfalls, to the rushing Brook, to lakes surrounded by spectacular mountain views, it is a genuinely natural experience.

We began today’s Adventure noticing that one of the trails was closed, quite disappointing.  We took the time to explore different paths, leading us in and out the gorgeous River and cascades.  We walked around for awhile before finding a sandy spot to sit in the sun and relax.  From there I figured I would try one more direction to locate the Basin-Cascade Trail, and I was thrilled to find a pathway to this Trail, one of my favorites.  The Basin Cascades Trail, slowly ascends with lots of roots and mud along the path.  Throughout this trail there are many spots to walk over to the Cascade Brook, whether it be an official waterfall, or just gorgeous water flowing with spectacular views.  Many of the time you could choose to climb up the rocks along the water before veering back to the trail.  We found a cave like area after walking through the water and hung out for awhile, just perfect.

There were lots of water features to explore along the way and we did our best to visit every one.  My favorite one was Kinsman Falls, a taller falls then many of the others along this trail.  We made a steep hike down to get a bit closer for of course some selfies, pictures, and rock climbing.  Shadow seemed a bit disappointed that he could not climb up-high, but enjoyed some sips while I got a little closer with Wilma.  Just a spectacular site.  We cautiously climbed back up to the Trail above the falls before continuing along the trail.  Much of our time today was spent on the Basin-Cascade Trail.  So beautiful and peaceful.

After spending almost four hours at this first location we drove to Echo Lake to make sure Shadow could get in an official mountain-lake swim before heading back home.

Some of my most memorable moments of the day included:  watching Shadow enjoy constant fresh water swims, hearing the sounds of rushing water, finding a little cave area to relax, walking through the rushing water to get to desired locations, and the visual beauty of these special locations.  I continually am impressed at eleven-year-old Shadow’s endurance, and appreciated seeing my recent training work with two-year-old Wilma in action today.  I cannot put into words what these two amazing pups mean to me!  The best company I could ask for!

If you would like to read more about our past visits to Echo Lake (Fraconia Notch State Park) and The Basin please search for them in the “search box” for more information on this Adventure.  (On a mobile phone you can find this at the very bottom of the page, and on the computer you can find it to the right of the blog.)

A beautiful Adventure today in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, not a doubt we will be back (Rating:  5).












4 thoughts on “June 24, 2019 – White Mountains – New Hampshire

  1. This is the first 5 rating I’ve seen for one of your adventures! Maybe I’ll just drive by my work exit on Route 16 and just keep on driving north. (Nice to think about, but I won’t . . . ah, well, there’s always the weekend.)

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