July 29, 2019 – Brookfield Floating Bridge – Vermont

I am a little behind on my blog from our daytrip to Vermont this past Monday.  However, I still wanted to share, so here is another one of our Adventures.

On Monday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Brookfield Floating Bridge in Brookfield, Vermont.  The Brookfield Floating Bridge was originally built in 1820, but later was closed in 2008 and rebuilt in 2015.  The Bridge is over the Sunset Lake.  It is the only floating bridge east of the Mississippi.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Brookfield Floating Bridge.  Upon arrival we found some visitors, but yet not an overly crowded location.  We drove across the bridge before turning around and find a parking spot near a little park.  The colors were vibrant, dark green grass, and bright blue water, the scenic mountains the backdrop to the Lake.  There was a humorous hippo statue in the park, along with benches to sit and relax.  We quickly found a spot along the shore where Shadow could swim, and Wilma wade.  I had planned ahead bringing Shadow’s longer leash just in case he wanted to venture far.  I also was pleased to have brought my water shoes allowing me to walk in a bit and cool down.  We chatted for a bit with other visitors, and watched the cheerful scene.  Wilma was fascinated by the swimming children, and almost appeared distressed when a little girl was swimming under water.  I guess some new experiences for our growing puppy, learning new lessons every day.

Before we headed out we took a walk down the Floating Bridge, a unique structure.  There were sidewalks along the road, many fisherman along the way, and people jumping from the bridge’s edge.  I expected for the bridge to feel bouncy, but it appeared quite sturdy.  The Bridge was long, and wooden in style.  The only time I remember seeing a structure of its style.

This modest spot, appeared quite popular for locals, who were kind, and social.  So glad we could visit this unusual landmark today.  Next time I definitely will wear my swimsuit (Rating:  3.5)




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