September 7, 2019 – Roger Williams Park – Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island.  This was Shadow and Wilma’s first visit to Roger Williams Park.  Roger Williams Park was created in 1871 when Betsey William donated 102 acres of land to the city.  Some of this land was owned by her great, great, great grandfather Roger Williams who founded Providence, and was one of the founder’s of the state.  It has since grown, now consisting of over 435 acres of land.  The park includes:  walking trails, a carousel, ponds, gardens, sports fields, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  It also contains several historic buildings including:  the Botanical Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Casino, and Temple to Music.

We had an enjoyable Adventure to the Roger Williams Park.  Initially I had planned to walk the white diamond trail, a 3.2 mile trail, so this is where we began.  We commenced at the carousel, and found the white diamond trail in front of the boathouse.  The trail soon headed over the road and paralleled the Lake.  We quickly found ourselves alone on a peaceful trail, away from the bustle of a busy Park.  I was disappointed to see some glass along the trail, but luckily the pups did not get any cuts or scratches.  The pond views were lovely, but the algae filled pond slightly skewing the scene.  However, we tried to concentrate on the visual experience, and an energizing walk, eagerly awaiting what might be around the corner.

Upon arrival at the Temple to Music we veered off the trail to view this magnificent structure from all angles.  The Temple to Music is utilized for concerts, and I believe it was constructed of marble.  It quite grand in size, and regally spectacular, just beautiful.  I was disappointed to see goose poop all over the lawn, so we did not stay long, and sauntered over to the sidewalk.  From here I changed my plan to walking around, and exploring the landmarks, and other hot spots throughout the park, versus concentrating on merely one trail.  There were some signs identifying locations, lots of sidewalks to follow, and many statues.

Throughout our visit we especially enjoyed wandering through the Japanese gardens and rose gardens, finding some unique bridges, watching the swan boats float by, and viewing the Bandstand from across Roosevelt Lake.  I loved watching the activities throughout the Park, and appreciated the diversity of the visitors.  Shadow enjoyed his usual rolls although was thoroughly disappointed that swimming was not permitted.  Wilma found some squirrels to chase, her favorite pastime at home.  Rogers William Park is a unique location, with many things to explore.  So glad we could explore Rogers William Park today (Rating:  3.5).



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