May 9, 2022 – Lincoln Woods State Park – Rhode Island

Today Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Lincoln Woods State Park is approximately 627 acres in size, highlighted by Olney Pond. It is popular for walking, equestrian riding, mountain biking, walking, boating, swimming, and fishing. There is no cost to enter the park.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Lincoln Woods State Park. I had been to Lincoln Woods State Park previous to beginning the blog, so this was the first time in many years, and the first time I blogged about the park. We found a scenic place to park and off we went. We walked, and took photographs, especially enjoying the pond, and the new colors of spring. There were boulders throughout, benches, and sandy shores. The sun was shining, but on occasion the wind added a chill to the air. Gus enjoyed lots of chewing, while Wilma enjoyed lots of rolling (haha!) So glad we could explore Lincoln Woods State Park today (Rating: 4).

September 21, 2019 – Galilee, Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the small town of Galilee, Rhode Island.  Galilee is located in Point Judith, in the larger town of Naragansett.  It is an authentic fishing town that includes:  a hotel, and several shops and restaurants.  It was named for the historic Bible town of Galilee.  Galilee is especially popular in summer months as it is the location for the Block Island Ferry.

We had a steamy Adventure to the town of Galilee.  I was excited to visit Galilee as I had read about it online, and had quite a wonderful vision floating in my mind.  However, these expectations led to a bit of a let down as I had imagined a beautiful, quiet town away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Instead the town was very crowded, had a tourist feel, and overall was not very scenic.  We of course did not let this information sway our pleasure in exploring a new New England town, and continued on our Adventure.

As expected, Galilee was extremely small.  We wandered around and on the docks, and read various signs about the town along the way.  I especially loved the numerous boats throughout the Harbor, and the sign identifying the many fish of Galilee.  There were several shops and restaurants.  I was quite tempted to get some food (outdoor ordering available for all the dog parents), yet somehow managed to resist the delicious aroma’s as we strolled past.  We were pleased to find some water bowls which Shadow and Wilma sipped in synchronized fashion.  It was fun to visit this little town, and reminded me of my interest in visiting Block Island.  We will definitely have to get some fried seafood the next time we visit the little town of Galilee (Rating:  3).


September 21, 2019 – Rose Nulman Park and Point Judith Lighthouse – Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Rose Nulman Park and the Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  The Rose Nulman Park is a public park with benches, and coastal views.  It is a popular spot for surfers.  Abutting the Park is the Point Judith Lighthouse, an active Lighthouse located on the Coast Guard grounds.  The Point Judith Lighthouse was originally build in 1810, although has been reconstructed several time since.

We had a coastal Adventure to the Rose Nulman Park and Point Judith Lighthouse.  Upon arrival I was quite disappointed that the Point Judith Lighthouse was surrounded by tall metal fencing, making it difficult to fully discern, and therefore photograph.  I had known that it was on the Coast Guard grounds but failed to realize that it was inaccessible to the public.  We attempted to wander as close as possible.

After finishing our attempts in viewing the Lighthouse we wandered over to Rose Nulman Park, an area that visually was popular for surfers, and motorcyclists.  We immediately ventured to the edge of the park, high above a steep cliff to the shore.  We noted that there were people relaxing in chairs along this border, many appreciating the show of the numerous surfers.  We then headed down to the end of the Park, eager to find a path to the shore.  Along the way we located some benches, and a memorial.  After strolling through a small, open field we were quite thrilled to find a path to the shore.  The shoreline was steep, and full of rocks, leading to challenging footing.  Shadow was very hopeful to dive into the water, but quite disappointed to find the rocky shore.  Luckily there was a large wave or two to help cool him down a bit, but swimming was unfortunately not an option.  Wilma enjoyed perching on a large rock, viewing the sea.  We attempted to sit for a bit, but the ground was not too cooperative so we soon ventured back up to the land above.  There we found a flat spot in the grass to relax, and roll.  The waves sang their crashing noises, and the coastal scene was quite  gorgeous.  Pleased to visit the Rose Nulman Park and Point Judith Lighthouse today (Rating:  3)




September 7, 2019 – Roger Williams Park – Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island.  This was Shadow and Wilma’s first visit to Roger Williams Park.  Roger Williams Park was created in 1871 when Betsey William donated 102 acres of land to the city.  Some of this land was owned by her great, great, great grandfather Roger Williams who founded Providence, and was one of the founder’s of the state.  It has since grown, now consisting of over 435 acres of land.  The park includes:  walking trails, a carousel, ponds, gardens, sports fields, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  It also contains several historic buildings including:  the Botanical Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Casino, and Temple to Music.

We had an enjoyable Adventure to the Roger Williams Park.  Initially I had planned to walk the white diamond trail, a 3.2 mile trail, so this is where we began.  We commenced at the carousel, and found the white diamond trail in front of the boathouse.  The trail soon headed over the road and paralleled the Lake.  We quickly found ourselves alone on a peaceful trail, away from the bustle of a busy Park.  I was disappointed to see some glass along the trail, but luckily the pups did not get any cuts or scratches.  The pond views were lovely, but the algae filled pond slightly skewing the scene.  However, we tried to concentrate on the visual experience, and an energizing walk, eagerly awaiting what might be around the corner.

Upon arrival at the Temple to Music we veered off the trail to view this magnificent structure from all angles.  The Temple to Music is utilized for concerts, and I believe it was constructed of marble.  It quite grand in size, and regally spectacular, just beautiful.  I was disappointed to see goose poop all over the lawn, so we did not stay long, and sauntered over to the sidewalk.  From here I changed my plan to walking around, and exploring the landmarks, and other hot spots throughout the park, versus concentrating on merely one trail.  There were some signs identifying locations, lots of sidewalks to follow, and many statues.

Throughout our visit we especially enjoyed wandering through the Japanese gardens and rose gardens, finding some unique bridges, watching the swan boats float by, and viewing the Bandstand from across Roosevelt Lake.  I loved watching the activities throughout the Park, and appreciated the diversity of the visitors.  Shadow enjoyed his usual rolls although was thoroughly disappointed that swimming was not permitted.  Wilma found some squirrels to chase, her favorite pastime at home.  Rogers William Park is a unique location, with many things to explore.  So glad we could explore Rogers William Park today (Rating:  3.5).



July 23, 2019 – Fort Adams and The Bay Walk – Rhode Island

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Adams State Park and The Bay Walk in Newport, Rhode Island.  Fort Adams was an active Fort from 1841 into the 20th Century.  It is currently open for private tours, and is the location for many events.  Bay Walk is considered part of Fort Adams State Park, and is a 2.2 mile trail that loops around part of the Fort.  It includes coastal views of the Narragansett Bay, and Newport Harbor.

We had a deja vous kind of Adventure as upon arrival everything looked quite familiar. Thrilled for no entrance, or parking fee, we began our visit viewing the front of the Fort soon becoming disappointed that we could not enter the interior.  We therefore decided to ventured directly to The Bay Walk.  The paved trail followed the perimeter of the Fort, along the Bay before heading inland, past the Eisenhower house, and then through the Harbor.  There were many tents and distractions from the historical scenery however I tried to ignore that and concentrate on the main features.  We saw fisherman along the way, lovely wildflowers, and gorgeous boats scattered throughout the Bay.  There was one part where the trail became unclear, however, I knew where we were from our drive in, so continued on with no mis-direction.

My favorite part of this Adventure was what I believe was considered the “Harbor” packed fully with beautiful sailboats.  It made me dream of a boat Adventure with the pups, sailing away from the hub-bib of life.  The Bay Walk was nothing too intriguing but a unique way to experience a nice, long walk.  Upon my return home I was able to track down photographs of a visit that Shadow, Buster, and I had on a chilly April day back in April 2015 – my deja vous solved!.  I have included some of those photographs at the bottom of the photographs and videos from yesterday.  Love that ALL of my pups experienced in a walk at Fort Adams State Park and The Bay Walk (Rating:  3).




April  2015 Adventure



July 23, 2019 – Castle Hill Lighthouse – Rhode Island

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island.  Castle Hill Lighthouse was built in 1898, and is made of granite.  It is located in the Narragansett Bay and continues to be an active lighthouse.

We had a perfect Adventure to the Castle Hill Lighthouse.  We were pleased that the rain subsided, cooling down the air, and providing us the perfect opportunity for a new Adventure.  I had done some research online about the Castle Hill Lighthouse but contacted the Castle Hill Inn to ensure that we could park at the Inn and visit the “private property”.  I was thrilled to have that information confirmed so we hit the road.  Upon arrival the Valet at the Castle Hill Inn informed us that they were not busy so we were able to park in the main parking lot, immediately next to the trail.  The Lighthouse trail was not labeled so I was pleased to get these directions.

We were immediately drawn to the gorgeous views of the Narragansett Bay.   It was absolutely breathtaking!  The shores were rocky and we were able to check out the scene from high above.  We took in the scenery, Shadow celebrating our arrival with a joyful roll!  After appreciating the sites we headed down the trail.  The path was simple, but perfect.  There were wildflowers, and it was closed in at points with gorgeous greenery, almost magical.  It really was just lovely.  I was excited, eagerly awaiting the view of the Bay, and the Castle Hill Lighthouse.  It did not take long for us to arrive at the Castle Hill Lighthouse.  It was absolutely  spectacular, quite unique in style.  Pleased to have the area to ourselves we walked down the steps to the bottom of the Lighthouse, before heading back up and viewing each and every angle.  It was a gorgeous location.  We spent some time at this spot, snapping many photographs.

After taking in the scene we headed back to the trail to wander farther.  We met several visitors along the way, which delighted energetic Wilma, who took in every bit of love.  We walked for a couple minutes, and soon found a bench leading to the spectacular rocky shore.  The rocks were uniquely shaped, and almost silver in color.  I have been to many rocky shore but have never seen such stunning rocks.  I did my best to find a smooth walk for Shadow and I, while Wilma jumped athletically from rock to rock.  We soon found a perfect spot to sit, and relax, watching the fisherman, and appreciating the coastal breeze.  Shadow enjoyed some rain water left in the rocks, and took a seat next to me, while Wilma focused her attention on the birds.  Everything about this Adventure was just perfect.  We will definitely have to visit the Castle Hill Lighthouse again (Rating:  5)







July 14, 2019 – Village of Watch Hill – Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Village of Watch Hill in Rhode Island.  We visited Watch Hill after journeying to The Watch Hill Lighthouse (see previous blog).  Watch Hill is an affluent coastal village in the Town of Westerly.  It is home of the famous Ocean House hotel, and one of Taylor Swift’s mansions.  It is a popular area for beach-goers, and is plentiful of shops, and restaurants.  It is also home to a well-known, and historic carousel.

We had a warm Adventure to Watch Hill after a lovely visit to The Watch Hill Lighthouse.  We were fortunate to arrive early as after returning from the Lighthouse I quickly realized how crowded the Village becomes.  We luckily did not need more then the two-hour allowed parking time as parking past this time limit was quite pricey.  We began our stroll along the water’s edge, the beautiful blue ocean highlighted by many boats, included several that appeared wooden, and likely historic.  We strolled along, enjoying the sites, beautiful flowers, and the vacation atmosphere.  There were numerous people headed to the beach, I almost wondered how they would all fit as the shoreline appeared so minuscule.

Overall I did not find Watch Hill to be too dog friendly, as the beaches, and other coastal parks did not permit dogs.  However we were quite pleased to find numerous dog bowls filled with water for some sipping.  Both Shadow and Wilma were quite tired from the heat so they relaxed a bit in the shade, and enjoyed many visitors who stopped to greet them.  We saw very few dogs, likely as most of the visitors were headed to the beach.  I enjoyed peaking in the stores to see all the lovely items for sale.  Many of the shops had colorful flowers displayed in window boxes, or surrounding locations.  Watch Hill was definitely a lovely spot, and may just be the perfect location to return in the off-season when it is much cooler for a walk.  So glad we could visit this adorable coastal village today (Rating:  4).



July 14, 2019 – The Watch Hill Lighthouse- Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to The Watch Hill Lighthouse in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The Watch Hill Lighthouse is located on a peninsula in Southern Rhode Island. It can be accessed by foot via a private road, while the museum is open during scheduled times. It is managed by the Watch Hill Lighthouse Keepers Association.

We had a scenic Adventure to The Watch Hill Lighthouse. I was glad to have done some research ahead of time as I may have never found this hidden gem without it. We parked in the town of Watch Hill, in one of the two-hour parking spots and then headed up the hill to the private road. My attention was drawn to a red sign on the street which appeared to be the private road to the Lighthouse (although not indicating that specifically). I was a bit humored by the sign stating “NO DOGS, unless leashed”, and of course relieved that they were permitted as expected.  Maybe a savvy way to ensure visitors followed the rules, or maybe something only I would notice??  From this sign we began our journey down this affluent area, gorgeous mansions lining the street with elegant landscaping. The street was very small so we were careful to watch for cars. It was not far when we spotted the Lighthouse from afar. It was quite the scene with the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, flowers scattered throughout and a large lawn immediately before it.  Just a lovely journey leading to the final destination.

We soon arrived at the official entrance. There were few visitors, and many of those whom we observed were fishing. We headed toward the Lighthouse but quickly made a detour over to the rocky shore. Shadow, as expected, was eager for a swim, so I figured we would head through the rocks to the waters edge. Probably not the wisest decision as the rocks were extra slippery. I myself fell, and both Shadow and Wilma were surprisingly challenged by this footing. However we managed to make it to the Ocean therefore making Shadow’s day. I sat for a minute while Shadow could enjoy his moment.  He seemed pleased, even though he could not wade in due to the excessive rocks. We only stayed briefly before stumbling back through the rocks.

After returning to stable footing we slowly weaved our way to the Lighthouse. It was a warm morning so we took time to sit in the grass and drink some water. Once we arrived at the Lighthouse I were disappointed to see it was a private entrance but took several photos at the gate. We then checked out the fisherman quarters and headed back. Of course we took some more time relaxing in the grass, appreciating the atmosphere and treasuring the journey. Shadow and Wilma showed their cheer with continual rolls and were clearly quite satisfied with their coastal Adventure. Our Adventure to the Lighthouse came to an end when we spotted Taylor Swift’s lovely mansion, and then strolled back down the road of dreams. Definitely what the doctor ordered as our coastal Adventure to The Watch Hill Lighthouse was just right.  I may just have to start working on my singing career (Rating: 4.5)