September 21, 2019 – Galilee, Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the small town of Galilee, Rhode Island.  Galilee is located in Point Judith, in the larger town of Naragansett.  It is an authentic fishing town that includes:  a hotel, and several shops and restaurants.  It was named for the historic Bible town of Galilee.  Galilee is especially popular in summer months as it is the location for the Block Island Ferry.

We had a steamy Adventure to the town of Galilee.  I was excited to visit Galilee as I had read about it online, and had quite a wonderful vision floating in my mind.  However, these expectations led to a bit of a let down as I had imagined a beautiful, quiet town away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Instead the town was very crowded, had a tourist feel, and overall was not very scenic.  We of course did not let this information sway our pleasure in exploring a new New England town, and continued on our Adventure.

As expected, Galilee was extremely small.  We wandered around and on the docks, and read various signs about the town along the way.  I especially loved the numerous boats throughout the Harbor, and the sign identifying the many fish of Galilee.  There were several shops and restaurants.  I was quite tempted to get some food (outdoor ordering available for all the dog parents), yet somehow managed to resist the delicious aroma’s as we strolled past.  We were pleased to find some water bowls which Shadow and Wilma sipped in synchronized fashion.  It was fun to visit this little town, and reminded me of my interest in visiting Block Island.  We will definitely have to get some fried seafood the next time we visit the little town of Galilee (Rating:  3).


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