March 3, 2020 – Crocker Park -Massachusetts

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Crocker Park in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Crocker Park is a less then three acre park with views of the Marblehead Harbor.  The Park has benches, a pavilion, restrooms, and several commemorative plaques.

We had a sun-filled Adventure to Crocker Park, one of yesterday’s several  Marblehead Adventures.  Due to voting day it was challenging to drive to the Park, but I eventually found parking down the street.  Little did I know that Crocker Park did not have official parking so I was grateful to locate this lot. From there we walked down from street, quickly passing by the Park before realizing we had missed the overgrown sign.

Upon arrival we headed up a small hill to the Park, which was quiet, peaceful, and provided lovely coastal views.  Still quite brown from the winter, but the bright blue Harbor and unusual rocks helped to distract.  Wilma was thrilled to see numerous rocks of which she bounded about, while Shadow preferred his cheerful grassy rolls.  The Park was tiny, ensuring we would not miss an inch. We walked along the sidewalk and appreciated the sounds of the seas.  We then sat for a bit in the grass appreciating the views and the serenity around us.  Quite the therapy for the senses.

My favorite parts of this Park were the gigantic rocks, and Harbor Views.  Due to the parking situation I am sure this Park must mostly be visited by locals.  I had a slight deja view of a previous visit where I was running up the hill while My Mom sat in the car with Shadow, as we had been unable to locate parking.  So I believe this was our first official Adventure to Crocker Park, definitely a recommended site for a picnic. So glad we had an Adventure to Crocker Park (Rating:  3.5).

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