February 13, 2021 – Crowninshield/Brown Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Crowninshield Island in Marblehead, Massachusetts, also referred to as Brown Island. The Island is managed by the Trustees of Reservations. It has trails, a sandy beach, and rocky shores. It can only be reached by a walk at low tide or by boat.

We had a gorgeous sun-rising Adventure to Crowninshield Island. I was excited to plan our Adventure thoroughly studying the tide and hoping we would arrive accordingly. Upon arrival I found the parking situation very confusing. Shadow, Wilma, and I actually had tried once to visit but never found parking. I drove around for some time before finally guessing on what seemed like an appropriate and legal spot. We had finally arrived to begin our Adventure!

We locating some stairs down to the beach and off we headed to Crowninshield Island! Wilma appeared quite joyful darting back and forth as we trotted along, and of course sniffing the remnants of low tide. The view of the Island in sunrise was just spectacular, so thrilling to head toward it. I knew there was another Island nearby but upon arrival we located the Trustees of Reservation signage and map notifying us that we had officially arrived at Crowninshield Island. We began down the trail, stopping at every lookout to check out the lovely colors in the sky. The rocks surrounding the Island were snow covered creating quite the scene. We walked along the trail which was marked with footprints in the snow, actually so well that I did not even watch for any sign markers. Wilma loved the Island smells and was quite curious of her new surroundings. Although we did not rush through the Island I was careful not to be too leisurely, quite aware of the necessity of low tide to return to shore safely.

After finishing the trail portion we wandered over to the south side of the Island, which appeared to be the sandy beach location. There was a massive rock, lots of snow, beautiful trees, and the sun was now rising. We explored the area finding a frozen scene. From there we headed back, the water definitely rising, but not at a pace that was concerning. Wilma ran circles around me, tried digging in the ice and just was as fun and enthusiastic as ever. Maybe she knew my excitement and appreciation for this unique Adventure. We only saw one other person, and his dog, who kindly asked about unleashing his dog as he noticed Wilma on leash. That was a nice way to end our perfect morning, and off we headed to our next Adventures (Rating: 4.5 – Although the superb sunset may have inflated this rating).

March 3, 2020 – Crocker Park -Massachusetts

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Crocker Park in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Crocker Park is a less then three acre park with views of the Marblehead Harbor.  The Park has benches, a pavilion, restrooms, and several commemorative plaques.

We had a sun-filled Adventure to Crocker Park, one of yesterday’s several  Marblehead Adventures.  Due to voting day it was challenging to drive to the Park, but I eventually found parking down the street.  Little did I know that Crocker Park did not have official parking so I was grateful to locate this lot. From there we walked down from street, quickly passing by the Park before realizing we had missed the overgrown sign.

Upon arrival we headed up a small hill to the Park, which was quiet, peaceful, and provided lovely coastal views.  Still quite brown from the winter, but the bright blue Harbor and unusual rocks helped to distract.  Wilma was thrilled to see numerous rocks of which she bounded about, while Shadow preferred his cheerful grassy rolls.  The Park was tiny, ensuring we would not miss an inch. We walked along the sidewalk and appreciated the sounds of the seas.  We then sat for a bit in the grass appreciating the views and the serenity around us.  Quite the therapy for the senses.

My favorite parts of this Park were the gigantic rocks, and Harbor Views.  Due to the parking situation I am sure this Park must mostly be visited by locals.  I had a slight deja view of a previous visit where I was running up the hill while My Mom sat in the car with Shadow, as we had been unable to locate parking.  So I believe this was our first official Adventure to Crocker Park, definitely a recommended site for a picnic. So glad we had an Adventure to Crocker Park (Rating:  3.5).

January 6, 2019 – Fort Sewall – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Fort Sewall in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Fort Sewall is located in Gale’s Head. It was first established in 1644 and utilized for defense in several different wars, being expanded throughout the years. The Fort was turned over to the town in 1922 and is now a public park.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. Fort Sewall was one of our stops. It was the second time we have been to Fort Sewall as we had been there two years ago with Shadow and my Mom. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. The sun was shining on the water, creating a marvelous view across the Harbor. This was a popular spot on this lovely, and unusually warm January day.

The Fort is located in the middle of a paved path that winds over and around the Fort, while displaying views of the Marblehead Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. You can even see the Marblehead Lighthouse, far across the waters. We walked above the Fort marveling at this magnificent seaside location. We took several detours to explore the areas along the rocks. There were many benches along the way to sit and relax.

After looping around we went down to the Fort to peak into the doors and windows. I was humored watching Shadow and Wilma as they seemed curious about what was behind the walls. We then sauntered through the grass taking some time for some dog rolls and stretching. A simple location but another quite picturesque spot in Marblehead. So glad we could enjoy some time at Fort Sewall today (Rating: 4).

I am continuing to have challenges downloading videos but if and when it appears I will add it to this post.

January 6, 2019 – Castle Rock – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Castle Rock in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This Park is located on Marblehead Neck, and is less then 2 acres in size. The area was previously known as “Great Head”. It is popular for sailing, fishing, and scenic viewing.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. Castle Rock was one of our stops. It was the second time we have been to Castle Rock as we had been there two years ago with Shadow and my Mom. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. We were pleased to arrive at this little spot with very few other little visitors. We strolled along taking in the coastal smells, and spectacular scenic views. Wilma startled me a bit by jumping up on the rock fence, although I should know better to expect her jumps! She enjoyed walking along while Shadow and I followed below. We wandered over the the beach area checking out the tidal pools. The rocks we a bit sharp and uneven we we did not wander too far out. We walked around and headed past the large Rock enjoying a beautiful horizon view. We really could not have picked a better day for a coastal sky. A wonderful stop on our Marblehead Adventure (Rating: 4).

Today, January 6, 2019

I have not been able to download the video I was planning but will add it at a later date if it cooperates 🙂

February 2017

January 6, 2019 – Chandler Hovey Park/Marblehead Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Chandler Hovey Park, also referred to as Lighthouse Point. This Park is known for being the location of the Marblehead Lighthouse.  Marblehead Lighthouse was built in 1896, and is a 105 foot cast iron skeletal tower. It is the only one of this type in New England. The Park is less then four acres total, cornered by gorgeous ocean views. It has benches, pavilions and numerous rocks for climbing.

We were lucky to have three little Adventures in Marblehead today. The Chandler Hovey Park was one of our stops. This was our second Adventure to the Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Lighthouse, as we had been there before with Shadow and my Mom. This is a small park that provides absolutely stunning views from Marblehead Neck. We were lucky to choose yet another sunny, and breezy winter day, clouds perfectly aligned in the bright blue sky. Both Shadow and Wilma were enthused at this location enjoying lots of grass rolls, and play. We walked around the park enjoying the picturesque sky, crashing waves, and rough rocks. We posed continually with the Marblehead Lighthouse, as you will see below! It was the prefect kind of day at this special location (Rating: 4).

Today, January 6, 2019

February 2017 (If I locate any additional photos I will post at a later date!)