March 30, 2020 – Whitetail Woods – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, My Mother, and I Adventured to the Whitetail Woods property in Littleton, Massachusetts.  Whitetail Woods is part of the Littleton Conservation Trust.  It contains two trails throughout woodland areas, less then two miles in total.  Whitetail Woods is popular for dog walkers, wildlife viewing, and cross country skiing.

We had an educational Adventure to the Whitetail Woods property.  I was disappointed to find Wilma’s leg still a bit sore, so decided to let her stay home to rest.  Feeling a bit guilty I headed off with Shadow, and we met My Mother at Whitetail Woods.  This was the second time we have been to this property, as the first visit was with My parents, Shadow, and Buster back in 2014 (see photographs below the photographs from today).

We parked at a newly paved parking lot, viewed a kiosk with the Trail map and then headed off on the Trail.  Shadow was quite thrilled to see his Grandmother was joining us on our hike.  There were two loops, one guided by orange diamonds, and the other by white diamonds.  We took our time exploring and walking.  There were parts of the Trails where you could hear construction and see the surrounding properties and homes, but much of the Trail was quite serene.  My Mother educated me on recognizing and determine the age of a White Pine, and on how to to identify Cinderella Pines and Winter Berry.  In addition did you know that Lichen (flaky green plant) grows on the north side of an upright tree, and indicates healthy air?  I am always so enlightened with My Mother’s knowledge of nature. 

Throughout the walk Shadow enjoyed the smells, and even posed on a rock.  I was quite entertained by watching him navigate several logs over the Trails.  I fondly treasure every moment this previous boy makes me smile!  Today was dark and dreary, but thankfully not too cold.  We made sure to walk on every part of each Trail before heading back to the car.  Very slowly I am noticing more green as I count down to spring a refreshing sight.

I am so grateful that with these worrisome times we can still enjoy the great outdoors with family.  Hoping Wilma will be feeling better soon and can join us on our next Adventure (Rating 3.5).

Today, March 30, 2020




February 2014 – Throwback Adventure



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