March 30, 2020 – Whitetail Woods – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, My Mother, and I Adventured to the Whitetail Woods property in Littleton, Massachusetts.  Whitetail Woods is part of the Littleton Conservation Trust.  It contains two trails throughout woodland areas, less then two miles in total.  Whitetail Woods is popular for dog walkers, wildlife viewing, and cross country skiing.

We had an educational Adventure to the Whitetail Woods property.  I was disappointed to find Wilma’s leg still a bit sore, so decided to let her stay home to rest.  Feeling a bit guilty I headed off with Shadow, and we met My Mother at Whitetail Woods.  This was the second time we have been to this property, as the first visit was with My parents, Shadow, and Buster back in 2014 (see photographs below the photographs from today).

We parked at a newly paved parking lot, viewed a kiosk with the Trail map and then headed off on the Trail.  Shadow was quite thrilled to see his Grandmother was joining us on our hike.  There were two loops, one guided by orange diamonds, and the other by white diamonds.  We took our time exploring and walking.  There were parts of the Trails where you could hear construction and see the surrounding properties and homes, but much of the Trail was quite serene.  My Mother educated me on recognizing and determine the age of a White Pine, and on how to to identify Cinderella Pines and Winter Berry.  In addition did you know that Lichen (flaky green plant) grows on the north side of an upright tree, and indicates healthy air?  I am always so enlightened with My Mother’s knowledge of nature. 

Throughout the walk Shadow enjoyed the smells, and even posed on a rock.  I was quite entertained by watching him navigate several logs over the Trails.  I fondly treasure every moment this previous boy makes me smile!  Today was dark and dreary, but thankfully not too cold.  We made sure to walk on every part of each Trail before heading back to the car.  Very slowly I am noticing more green as I count down to spring a refreshing sight.

I am so grateful that with these worrisome times we can still enjoy the great outdoors with family.  Hoping Wilma will be feeling better soon and can join us on our next Adventure (Rating 3.5).

Today, March 30, 2020




February 2014 – Throwback Adventure



Throwback Adventure – Jeff Smith Trail – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In December of 2014 Shadow, Buster, and I Adventured to the Jeff Smith Trail in Pepperell, Massachusetts.  The Jeff Smith Trail is a conservation trail which runs through the “Blood Brook Ravine” land.  There is parking for this Trail on Jewett Street and on Heald Street.  The trail includes:  a shoreline walk along the pond, follows a steep ridge above the pond, and weaves through the ravine that follows the Blood Brook.  The total round trip hike is just under three miles.

We had an enjoyable adventure to the Jeff Smith Trail.  I do not post many of our local conservation Adventures, however, sometimes feel inspired to share.  On this particular walk I remember appreciating the unique landscape, the steep views of the lake, the ravine,  and the Brook throughout our hike.  We did not see a sole on the trail, and were swept away into the arms of nature.  We found a beaver dam along the trail, and explored all the little spots we could find.  I do not believe I ever researched this trail (until blogging) however spotted it on a drive through the area.  A trail with water always catches my eye and am glad that we stopped for a hike on this brown, crisp, winter day.  Not a fancy hike by all means, but yet a nice place to explore for the local followers and friends.  Make sure you check out your local conservation land, you will often find a lovely spot (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).



July 9, 2019 -Bowers Springs – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow and I Adventured to Bowers Springs in Bolton, Massachusetts.  This is the second time we have been there as Shadow, Wilma and I had been previously.  Bowers Springs is conservation land that includes a pond, trails, and grassy fields.  It is a popular destination for dog walking, and fishing.

We had a water-filled Adventure to Bowers Springs.  I decided to bring Shadow on a solo Adventure today knowing he would love a swimming Adventure and thinking there might be many uncontrolled dogs romping about.  And although Wilma probably would be fine off leash I still feel there is some on leash work to do before crossing into that world.  So I had a bit of a guilty conscious today but working two days a week, and knowing it is a good thing to for Wilma to have moments without her big brother (as she really does rely on him)….  we carried on…

Upon arrival at Bowers Springs I was surprised to find a full parking lot.  I parked in a nice shady parking spot and we headed off on our Adventure.  There immediately were loud, enthusiastic voices, which I later learned were likely summer campers.  We ambled down the shady trail, lined by trees., and surrounded by fields.  As soon as Shadow saw a glimpse of water he he began trotting, soon swimming, sipping, and refreshed.  Throughout our Visit I let Shadow lead the way and often just stood and watched as he swam.  The trail looped around the pond which was filled with lilies, fish, frogs, and I even spotted a snake (yuck!)  It was tranquil, and although a warm day, the shade made it pleasant.

About three quarters around the pond we joined a large group of dogs at the beach area.  Shadow was very excited to make some new friends, and of course to get some treats from some generous owners.  It was adorable seeing him so happy to socialize with some furry friends .  He was so excited he almost forgot about swimming, but eventually  did wander back.  I chatted with the other dog parents for a bit, and smiled as I watched Shadow enjoy the moment.  We stayed for a bit before one dog was getting to be a little too excited so we decided to continue on our walk.  Shadow continually found places to go into the water and swim.  It was great to be able to let him swim wherever and whenever he wanted.  I sat down for a bit in one location, sneaking a peak at Wilma napping on my home cameras.  Such a nice little private Adventure for Shadow, and although we missed our Wilma Mae, we think it was the best afternoon plan for all.  If you are a dog lover in the area, I would highly recommend you visit this quiet location (Rating:  3.5)

PS – I unfortunately could not locate any photos from our first visit, although I am wondering if I may not have taken any??  If they do appear I may share another time.








As you can see by this spy cam photo below (little girl on the left in the corner)…Wilma was quite alright!  🙂  I apologize that I did not fix up the couch blankets and straighten the rug before sharing!


March 9, 2019 – Beaver Brook Association – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Beaver Brook Association’s land in Hollis, New Hampshire.  This is a spot we have ventured to numerous times.  The Beaver Brook Association is a nature education center and conservation area made up of 2,187 acres of land.  There are over 35 miles of trails, and conservation programs for all ages. They also have themed gardens, and a demonstration compost.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Beaver Brook, a conservation area we really do enjoy.  It was nice to get an early start, the sun streaming through the snow-filled forest.  We have been to this lovely area many times, and in every season.  Although we have not had much snow this winter, I have found this area to be especially nice when the snow is high, as there are many groomed trails providing easy access.

One of my favorite trails to walk is the Beaver Brook Trail which highlights unique bridges and boardwalks, streams and the Spatterdock Pond.  Tending to be a creature of habit I often find myself on the same trail, although sometimes exploring additional paths when planning a longer hike.  Yesterday was no exception as we traversed our favorite hike.  We did not see any visitors on this trail, except for one mountain biker along the way.  On one occasion we decided to venture onto the pond, which seemed to add some bounce to Wilma and Shadow’s step.  I guess they knew it was a venture from the norm.

The Beaver Brook land has really been fun to explore in all seasons.  Highlights in other seasons have included swims for the pups, lots of relaxing, and great chewing sticks along the way.  So glad to have special memories with all three of my pups.  Today was another wonderful visit to the Beaver Brook Association.  Below you see a collage from some of our many visits.  So glad to enjoy another winter hike in the snow (Rating:  4)


Throwback Adventure – Conservation Land – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

Shadow, Buster and I enjoyed many Adventures to an untitled, suspected conservation trail in Sterling, Massachusetts. These particular photos were from our visit in June 2014, although I am guessing I may have other photographs tucked away in my files. We absolutely loved visiting this trail. It was near ponds, streams, up hills, and through the woods. We rarely saw any other hikers and several times even saw beavers on our visits. There was a little waterfall nearby, and lot of spots for the boys to run and swim. It was a special location which really made you feel like you were deep in the wilderness. We often would branch of the trail and find secret spots to explore. It was an amazing and new Adventure each and every time, and carved many fun memories in my heart.

So if you are one of my followers, or visitors who is inspired to visit stops on our Adventures, you might be disappointed as I cannot provide you an exact location. However I again encourage you to enjoy your location conservation land. Many spectacular, and quiet spots to explore (Rating: 4).



June 5, 2018 – Massachusetts – Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest

Tonight we went for a local hike at the Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  The Forest contains 132 acres of land, including land on the east side of Russell Mill Pond.

I often enjoy exploring local conservation land, and this trail was a great find.  It was simple, yet beautiful.   We mostly followed the trail along the Pond, but also veered toward some of the inner forest trails.  There were a couple of simple bridges, a little bubbling stream, and a wealth of bright green ferns lining the trails.  We did not see any other dog walkers, but the area was clearly popular with mountain bikers.

I highly encourage you to seek out conservation land in your area.  Lovely trails and scenery, with no cost involved.  You really cannot beat that.  (Rating:  4)









May 13, 2018 – Massachusetts – Acton Arboretum

Today, I wanted to add a little tribute to my Mother on this Mother’s Day.  I planned the adventure to the Arboretum with my amazing Mother in mind.  I am so lucky, and grateful to have such a wonderful Mother, who has always provided me love, encouragement, and support.  As a young child we spent a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors, camping, walking in the woods, and learning about creation.  Little did I know I would eventually be blogging my outdoor adventures.  In my blog today I want to give my Mom a shout out, and say “Thank you for EVERYTHING you are, and have done for me.  I am so grateful”.  We are happy to have my parents join us on the adventure today.

Today we visited the Acton Arboretum, which is situated on some of the 65 acres of conservation land in Acton.  It has a short trail system, and provides numerous gardens to explore.  The Arboretum offers self-guided tours, available for download.  It is often difficult to find garden locations that are dog friendly, so I was quite pleased to find this location.

We enjoyed our time at the Arboretum on another beautiful Spring Day.  It is early in the garden season, but we still found beautiful landscapes and floral color to photograph.  The trails included some bridges, and boardwalks, and lots of little benches to sit, and relax.  Shadow enjoyed a swim in a little pond, and Wilma excitedly greeted anyone in her sight.  It was a simple park, but so nice to stroll around with my parents, and to enjoy the beginning of spring.  (Rating:  3, although the company was perfect!)