April 25, 2020 – Eastham Windmill – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, and I Adventured to the Eastham Windmill in Eastham, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  The Eastham Windmill is the oldest working Windmill in Cape Cod.   The Windmill was built in 1680 in Plymouth, and moved numerous times before arriving at the current location.  As expected the Windmill has been restored over the years.  It currently is open to the public in summer months providing tours of the operation.  The Eastham Windmill also fresh-ground cornmeal which is sold to the community.

We had a special Adventure to the Eastham Windmill as this was our first ever Adventure to a Windmill!  The Windmill was the centerpiece of the Town Center, located in a small park.  It was surrounded by rustic fencing, and many benches around the border.  We began exploring at the official sign of the Windmill, at the forefront of the Park.  The nearby fencing was lined with gorgeous, bright white and yellow daffodils, sending my mind to thoughts of Dutch culture.  After appreciating these pretty spring flowers we found another opening and headed straight to the Eastham Windmill.  The Windmill was quite picturesque, and very tall.  We viewed it from all angles, even  discovering small Christmas lights on the turbines.  Such a marvelous, and distinctive structure.

After snapping endless photographs, as per our usual custom we sauntered past the Windmill over to a small gazebo, and a radiant “Memorial Buoy Tree”.  These Memorial was devoted to a local resident who had passed.  Such a beautiful tribute that clearly has been treasured by his dedicated communicated.

I am not sure if you are thrilled to learn but we might have a new theme for our future Adventures.   Well, not really theme, don’t you worry, but we do look forward to visiting other Windmills in the future.  So delighted we could discover the Eastham Windmill today (Rating:  3.5)


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