May 2, 2020 – Sherburne Nature Center and Trails – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Sherburne Nature Center and Trails in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. The Center was donated by the Sherburne family in 1999. It has approximately eighty acres of open land and trails and the Center itself has various exhibits and opportunities for educational activities. The Sherburne property is popular for walking, nature viewing, snow shoeing and biking.

We had an early morning Adventure to the Sherburne Nature Center and Trails arriving at 5:30am! We were pleased to find an empty parking lot the sun just starting to rise. We began our hike through the field and into the woods, soon locating a singing brook. Wilma immediately heading to the water’s edge to explore and I treasured the sounds of nature. From there we headed over the bridge and began to explore the Trails. I had peeked at the online map beforehand but soon discovered the Trails were quite confusing, often finding labels to indicate we were on a trail, but unclear as to what trail, or how it connected with another. Nevertheless being a small local park this caused no concern and we carried on. Wilma appeared very jovial, jumping up on anything tall, and sniffing everything in sight. Parts of the Trail were quite muddy, but to be expected with our recent days of rain.

After eventually finding our way back to the babbling brook, we were able to locate a nearby Trail with a spectacular boardwalk. The geese were unusually loud, maybe warning of a dog-like, deer looking creature??  (haha!)  We saw adorable ducklings, and located a large beaver dam in close proximity to the boardwalk. The sun was rising through the trees, adding incredible beauty to this picturesque portion of the Trails. This was definitely my favorite part of the Trails at the Sherburne Nature Center!

We spent about an hour and a half exploring the Sherburne Nature Center and Trails. So fun to find a new local Trail system. Below you will see many photos and two videos of my favorite two sections of the Trails, both of which we explored twice (Rating: 3.5).

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