May 2, 2020 – Texas Falls Recreation Area – Vermont

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Texas Falls Recreation Area in Hancock, Vermont.  The Texas Falls Recreation Area is part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The Recreation Area has a 1.2 mile trail highlighted by the Texas Falls. Texas Falls is a series of cascading Falls that are approximately thirty five feet in height. The location also contains a picnic areas, pavilions, and restrooms.

We had a spectacular Adventure to the Texas Falls Recreation Area.  I had been wanting to visit this Falls for some time, and finally decided to take the long drive.  I thought of Shadow often on this Adventure, as it was my first waterfall visit since loosing our Shadow.  So glad he has numerous waterfall Adventures.

We arrived at the Texas Falls Recreation Area following my GPS and clearly marked signs.  There were some cars in the parking lot, but not overly busy.  With great anticipation we crossed the street searching for the direct path to the Falls.  I soon located a lovely bridge across the Texas Brook.  While traversing this bridge we located the Falls to the left, and to the right the Brook continued, rushing through the gorge.  We relished the sites, and planned to return again after our walk.

Our journey continued across the bridge where we immediately found the sign for the “Nature Trail”.  We turned right and began on our hike, soon spotting a sign for the Lower viewing area, which provided an additional view of the waterfall, and close-up views of the gorge.  So beautiful, roaring thunderously!  After spending time on this landing we then returned back to our hike.

The “Nature Trail” ran high above and parallel to the brook before winding up into the woods.  Part of the trail was a slight work-out as it slowly ascended up.  The trail crossed a variety of bridges, little cascades down the rocks, and varied in trees, and natural landscaping.  There were few others on the trail, and through much of the walk we could hear the sounds of running water.  I really loved this trail, flashing me back to my many special Adventures with Shadow to the White Mountains.

Upon completion of the Trail we strolled over to check out the picnic areas, and a new aspect of the river from the bridge on the road.  I then decided to grabbed my lunch and we headed to a huge boulder as I ate and Wilma watched everyone who sauntered within her sight.  So peaceful!  After eating we spent time revisiting the various views of the Falls and locating rocks in quiet areas to sit and soak in the entire sensory experience.  We spent almost three hours at the Recreation Area, and did not want to leave.  The Texas Falls Recreation Area is definitely a special place that I would highly recommend to all my friends, and followers.  Please see below for many photographs, and videos (Rating:  5).




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