May 7, 2020 – Boundary Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Boundary Trail in the Oak Hill Conservation Land in Littleton, Massachusetts.  Boundary Trail is 3.3 miles and is the longest trail on the Oak Hill Conservation property.  The Boundary Trail runs along the Tophet Chasm, follows stage roads at points, and passes the well-known “Lookout Rock”.

We had an invigorating Adventure to the Boundary Trail.  I decided to get up for an extra-early sunrise Adventure before starting my work day.  We arrived at an empty parking lot, and began heading down the orange trail before turning left to commence the Boundary Trail, indicated by yellow trail markers.  The beginning of the trail ran adjacent to the road and several homes before veering away and into the woods.  The sun was beautifully shining through the trees creating a picturesque scene.  On the trail we found a variety of boulders, ascended up and down several hills, and walked high above a ravine.  Parts of the Trail were quite muddy, but to be expected on a lovely spring day.  Except for an occasional good smell, Wilma ambled at a fast pace, helping to ensure quite a healthy work-out.

One of my favorite portions of this trail was the scene at “Lookout Rock”.  “Lookout Rock” is quite well-known to members of the local community, a boulder area that provides panoramic views.  We sat for a bit on the rocks, viewing the lovely scene.  It is always interesting watching Wilma, she often appears to be hearing or seeing things in the distance, or at least alert to what may come.  Her sweet, little hound-nose is constantly in motion, not missing a beat.  She even appeared to be appreciating the scenic view, a moment that made me smile, and reminded me of a precious memory and video of Shadow and Wilma watching the sunset at Cadillac Mountain.

After “Lookout Rock” the Boundary Trail continued back into the woods, and if I recall this portion of the trail was much flatter then the former section.  Throughout the hike we only saw one person, with two furry friend, but noticed no other visitors.  Although in some portions there were sounds of the outside world, often we heard birds singing, and felt at one with nature.  So glad we discovered the Boundary Trail today, a wonderful local hike (Rating:  3.5)

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