July 9, 2020 – Halibut Point State Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Massachusetts. Halibut Point State Park parallels Halibut Point Reservation. Halibut Point is a granite quarry that was quarried as early as 1840. The Park is also located on the ocean. It includes: trails, scenic views, and areas for picnicking. There is also a visitor center and lighthouse appearing tower on the grounds. Halibut Point State Park is managed jointly by the Trustees of Reservations and The Department of Conservation and Recreation.

We had a steamy Adventure to Halibut Point State Park. We have been to Halibut Point State Park on numerous occasions, but were still excited to return. Since I had not blogged about it in about a year and a half I thought I would share some new photographs, and old photographs from this special location. We arrived at the Park, and followed the scenic little trail to the quarry. The Lighthouse appearing Tower was finished with construction, and had a lovely modern look.  As per our usual we snapped some photographs and enjoyed this peaceful locale.

We then headed around the quarry, stopping at various openings to capture the diverse perspectives. The rocks at the quarry are quite magnificent, and the views are just beautiful. We noticed birds enjoying the water, and viewed the Tower from afar. I dreamed about a jump and swim as the heat of the day was quite intense. However we carried on and headed toward the ocean shore. The small path to the rocks was quite pleasing, and distinctive. You can see the ocean in the distance, always adding great anticipation. There were not as many flowers as I have discovered on past visits, however this did not dampen the coastal beauty.

Upon arrival I was surprised at how crowded the rocky shore was, however thankful that generally people were scattered, providing for the necessary social distancing. My Mom found a quiet spot to sit and Wilma and I headed off to for a little rock-jumping walk. There were rocks of all shapes and sizes, requiring careful balance and placement. We hopped to the water’s edge, and appreciated the waves, colors of blue, several boats, and textured seaweed. Wilma appeared tempted to enter the water but seemed quite uneasy with the splashing waves. I was disappointed as it was quite a warm day. However soon my entertainment began as Wilma dived into the tidal pool and began flinging herself into the seaweed – it was absolutely hysterical. As you will know if you follow by blog, Wilma does not like the water, so this scene was quite spectacular for her water-loving Mother to watch. She dipped her face in the water, and rolled on the seaweed. Wilma had so much fun, it was perfect! I was especially glad that this enabled a cool-down on a hot summer day. And I can promise you Wilma is quite the adorable wet dog, a sight I have rarely seen.

After exploring closer to the shore we headed back to My Mom and relaxed for a little time before heading back. It was definitely too hot but we still had a wonderful time at Halibut Point State Park. Halibut Point State Park is definitely a local gem, and a Park we look forward to visiting again in the future (Rating: 4).

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