July 13, 2020 -Pizzi Farm Market, Deli and Ice Cream Shoppe – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Pizzi Farm Market, Deli and Ice Cream Shoppe in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Pizzi Farm was founded in 1933 by the Pizzi family and continues to be run by the family.  As expected they are known for their:  ice cream, and deli, and also have catering, and sell additional products including: pumpkins, candy and flowers.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Pizzi Farm Market, Deli and Ice Cream Shoppe.  I have been feeling a bit cranky with the heat so we have mostly been doing shorter local walks and spending time in our shady backyard.  Therefore I thought today was the perfect time to visit Pizzi Farm for some ice cream.  Upon arrival I noticed many areas for seating, and lovely flower barrels for decoration.  There was no one else in the line so we were able to order immediately.  It was fun to find they had several options for dogs including a little ice cream cake, ice cream treats, and also offered soft serve.  I choose the ice cream treats for Wilma and decided to order a root beer float for myself.  We found a quiet spot to sit and the shade and enjoy.  Wilma apparently thought I should hold her “Fro Bone”, adorably licking it – so spoiled.  However, I gave it to her so I could savor my yummy root beer float.  It was just perfect!  We relaxed for a bit before heading home.  So glad we could Adventure to the Pizza Farm Market, Deli, and Ice Cream Shoppe today (Rating:  How could you go wrong with a “Fro Bone” – delicious!)

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