July 22, 2020 – Cilleyville Covered Bridge/Bog Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Cilleyville Covered Bridge in Andover, New Hampshire. The Cilleyville Covered Bridge is also referred to as the Bog Bridge. The Cilleyville Covered Bridge was built in 1887 and traverses the Pleasant Brook. It is a pedestrian-only bridge.

We had a fun Adventure to the Cilleyville Covered Bridge. We located the bridge between Johnson Street and Main Street. We hopped out and headed over to this pedestrian-only bridge. The bridge was in an overgrown setting, but the bridge itself appeared well maintained. We crossed through the bridge and found a picnic table in the middle, a nice added feature, although it was quite dark underneath. I peaked out the windows as we crossed finding the Brook quite unappealing. We found a little spot to head down to the edge of the Brook and see the bridge from below. Wilma found a rock to climb, quite curious of this new location. From there we headed back to take some photographs from the opposite side. Wilma was not inspired to pose, too interested in her surroundings, however still looked quite adorable sitting in front. One interesting attribute about the bridge was that the front and back of the bridge were actually different colors, almost like we were at two separate locations. So glad we could visit yet another covered bridge with the Cilleyville Bridge today (Rating: 3.5).

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