July 22, 2020 – Grey Rocks Conservation Area – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Grey Rocks Conservation Area in Hebron, New Hampshire.  The Grey Rocks Conservation Area is a small property with just 1.5 miles of trails.  It is located along the Cockermouth River which feeds into Newfound Lake.  The Grey Rocks Conservation Area is popular for:  walking, picnicking, fishing, and paddling.  They also offer Eco-Tours, however they are currently on hold due to COVID.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Grey Rocks Conservation Area on an overcast morning.  I was eager to finally Adventure to Grey Rocks Conservation Area as it was a property that had caught my eye awhile back.  We arrived to find only one other car in the parking lot.  We first began on the Sandy Point Trail, then headed to the Floodplain loop trail, before returning to the Sandy Point Trail,  The trails led through the woods and along the River.  There were several boardwalks, platforms for viewing, and benches along the way.  We noticed some kayakers from afar, and appreciated the singing birds.  On occasion we heard some traffic in the distance but overall it was quite serene.  The trails were buggy, but somewhat to be expected in a River setting.  Wilma seemed a little unsure when we first arrived, but soon became more confident and started appreciating the sights and smells.  We made sure to traverse all trails and viewing locations before then heading to the River Walk Trail.

I was briefly baffled as to where to locate the River Walk Trail, but found a large map-kiosk which indicated to walk along the road before the trail began into the woods.  The River Walk Trail was much less interesting.  The trail was slightly overgrown and the mosquitoes were intense.  However we continued on find a look-out area, and also a viewing platform.  Although we really would have not missed a thing by skipping this trail, I wanted to make sure we did not miss a thing!!

We really enjoyed visiting Grey Rocks Conservation Area.  It was a quiet location, with a unique setting along the River.  Throughout the trails there were informational kiosks, and even a children’s story.  The trails were very short, but well labeled.  Although we do not stop moving often (haha) I loved that there were benches for viewing, and relaxing.  It was clear that alot of thought went into the small details of this Conservation Area.  I can just imagine that Grey Rocks Conservation Area would be a spectacular place to kayak!  I am glad we Adventured to Grey Rocks Conservation Area today (Rating:  3).

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