August 5, 2020 – Brookline Reservoir Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Brookline Reservoir Park in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Brookline Reservoir Park has a trail around the Brookline Reservoir of approximately one mile in length.  Brookline Reservoir is a water supply for Boston.  The Park is popular for walking, jogging and fishing.

We had a nice Adventure to the Brookline Reservoir Park.  I was planning a trip to Rhode Island but with the last minute changes to COVID travel guidelines we changed to this back up plan.  I had been curious about the Brookline Reservoir Park for some time, so was pleased to finally visit.  The Park has been under construction and re-opened in June.   I was thankful to find available parking as we started our Adventure late arriving at 9:30.

As I had read in my research the “trail” requested a one-way traffic pattern.  I appreciated this for several reasons, including the COVID precautions.  We began on our walk around the Reservoir, surprised to find few visitors.  There was not much to see, but we still enjoyed our walk.  The path had numerous benches, and besides endless geese poop it was quite clean.  We took our time as Wilma appeared quite warm in the sun.  Wilma engaged in a humorous, random roll in the middle of the walking path, and laid down to rest as needed.  She loved smelling the trees and often smiled at me as we trotted, my sweet girl.  Although the path was a bit unappealing a good change of pace on this warm day.  So glad we could Adventure to the Brookline Reservoir Park today (Rating:  3.5).



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