December 24, 2020 – Bradley Palmer State Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield, Massachusetts. This was Shadow, and my second visit to Bradley Palmer State Park as we had been to the Park with Buster in February of 2016. Bradley Palmer State Park is a 736 acre Park on the Ipswich River. It is a former estate of noted attorney Bradley Palmer. Bradley Palmer State Park is popular for hiking, horseback riding, bicycles, canoeing, skiing, and the Willowdale Estate.

We had a jolly Adventure to Bradley Palmer State Park. We have been there several times but it had been a very long time since our last visit, so today was the day. We were thrilled to have My Mom join us for this Adventure. We began our Adventure exploring the Willowdale Estate which was decorated beautifully for the holidays. We snapped many photographs, including our traditional Mother-Daughter selfie. Wilma posed elegantly for yet another Christmas photograph. A simple yet beautiful holiday scene.

From there we headed to one of the endless trails. Although I had viewed the trail map ahead of our visit it was quite complex, so we decided to just spontaneously pick a trail. The trail was snow covered, simple, but lovely. We walked past several frozen ponds. The sun was barely peaking through, almost reflecting on the ice. It was a beautiful winter scene. We walked and explored, stopping to study a Beech Tree for several minutes but mostly sauntered among the trees. Wilma loved walking and exploring, catching snowballs, and eating the fresh clean snow. During our visit we spotted other canine friends, who were all on leash, and some hikers, skiers. and guests snowshoeing along the trail. It was an unusually warm day for New England. Such a special way to spend some time on Christmas Eve. So glad we could return to Bradley State Park today (Rating: 4).

Photographs from our past visits

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