December 26, 2020 – East-West Trail – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, I and a friend of ours Adventured to the East-West Trail in Worcester, Massachusetts. The East-West Trail is a 14 mile trail that winds through Worcester, including: twenty green spaces, the streets of Worcester, and the Worcester hills. It is part of the Greater Worcester Land Trust.

We had a crisp Adventure to the East-West Trail in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was surprised to find both Wilma and I were quite chilly while we waited for our friend, however, once we started walking we were just right. Although I had seen the trailhead for the East-West Trail I did not recall the name, so my research on this “Trail” mostly occurred along the way, and after I returned home to write this blog. Although there are “Trail” portions of the East-West Trail, is not actually a “Trail” but various areas of the city that are connected by foot.

We started our walk at Bancroft Tower which is located in Salisbury Park. I absolutely love this Tower, such a gorgeous site heading up into the clouds. Although there often appears some shady activities at this location we have often enjoyed a quick visit. From there we headed into the woods onto the “Trail”. The “Trail” briefly remained in the woods before we arrived on the street. The route was often unclear but the map let us know we were headed in the right direction. We wandered to Elm Park, checking out the bridges, iced over waterways, and the geese parading across frozen pond, providing quite the chuckle. Wilma was quite unfocused in this park, screaming down her favorite city squirrels, but she sure did enjoy it! Nearby we found the “Nordic Ski Trail”, but decided to continue our journey on the “Trail” heading into the Newton Fitness Trail, a part of the East-West Trail. We wandered into the woods finding a tree hole for Wilma to search, and spotting the fitness equipment and the disc golf. After the “Trail” ended at the road we began our journey back to the formal trailhead.

It was fun to explore a new location, but I was quite unimpressed with the East-West Trail. There was not much to see, and plenty of trash, and glass on various points of the journey. However we enjoyed about two hours of walking, great company, and the fresh winter air. It was fun to find a new “Trail”. I look forward to checking out other “green spaces” in Worcester….you never know what we might discover (Rating: 3).

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