September 3, 2021 – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse – New Hampshire

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Castle, New Hampshire. Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse was constructed in 1877 and is the only Lighthouse on the mainland of New Hampshire. It is also sometimes referred to as: New Castle Light, Fort Constitution Light and Fort Point Light. The Lighthouse is on Coast Guard property so can only viewed up-close when one signs up for an official tour. The tours do not allow dogs in the Lighthouse, but on the grounds only.

We had a peaceful Adventure to the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. I was thrilled to finally schedule a tour at this location so we could get up close for viewing. We immediately found a “volunteer” and followed the cars in to station. Upon arrival we had to climb up a couple stairs and then in front of us stood the Portsmouth Lighthouse. We followed the pathway to the bottom of the Lighthouse where the narration began. Afterwards the guests went up the stairs while I wandered around with the pups and the photo frenzy began (haha!). The kind volunteers offered to hold the pups for me so I could go up the tower but I decided it best to stay with my best buds.

I loved the peaceful location of this area. There were no others around except for the guests on the tour. There was a refreshing breeze, gorgeous boats from afar, sounds of the waves, and even a view of Whaleback Lighthouse from a distance. I was quite lucky when I was invited to the evening tour too to take in the sunset, and although setting in the opposite direction, still gorgeous! I was so proud of Wilma and Gus who jumped right into a hanging out versus an active adventure, although they continually did try to sneak in some play time. We were able to walk a little on the rocks but being a coast guard station we could not wander too far. However the pups enjoyed some sticks, tidal pools, and exploring all the coastal smells. No complaints from their snouts! We visited until the sun went down, the top of the tower turning a lovely color of green, and although my camera died before the end of our adventure I snuck in a couple cell phone photographs to attempt to capture the darkness.

One of the coolest things about this adventure was I met the author of my amazing Lighthouse book, The Lighthouse Handbook, New England, Jeremy D’Entremont! We had some good conversations and I learned more about some of his other books and photography. Definitely a special way to end a wonderful evening at the Portsmouth Lighthouse (Rating: 4).

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