January 15, 2022 – Frigid Temperatures = Brain Games

So as my fellow New Englander’s are aware we have had several days with negative windchill temperatures, today being one of them. It is very unusual that I do not walk with the Wilma and Gus but on a day where there are windchill warnings dropping the temperature below zero an indoor day it becomes. On these days we have lots of cuddles, relaxing, and usually a new bone. Today I decided to also pull out one of the brain puzzles. It has probably been at least a year since Wilma tried this activity, and a first time with Gus. First it was Wilma’s turn. I was soooo impressed with Wilma who followed commands (as I expected) and knew exactly how to open the doors and move pieces over to ensure she devoured every treat. Just so smart! And next it was Gus’ turn to try out this fun game. Gus had no idea what to do and seemed a little nervous with this new game. He was not even drawn in by the treats, or my hints. It was quite funny watching him, my sweet boy. So glad to try some brain games today…not only a good way to practice training, but also test the skills of the snout (haha!) Maybe better luck with Gus next time (haha). A nice little variety in our day!

Wilma’s Turn!

Gus’ Turn!

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