October 7, 2018 – DeCordova Sculpture Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. This was the second time Shadow and I had visited as we had been there with Buster, My Brother, and niece in February of 2016. The DeCordova Sculpture Park encompasses nearly 30 acres including: landscaped lawn, gardens, and forests. It is on the edge of Flint’s Pond, and contains up to 60 sculptures at a time. The collection includes art by significant twentieth and twenty-first-century artists. DeCordova also has an indoor museum, gift shop, and cafe.

We had an artsy Adventure to the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts. On our first Adventure there is was a very cold day, while today, it was an unusually hot Fall day. We were excited to spend another day exploring. We began our time at the Decordova Sculpture Park at a trail along the Lake, the beautiful Fall leaves adorning the trail. We hiked for a bit to get some steady exercise, before turning around and heading to the check out the Sculptures. We were provided a sculpture map on admission, but decided to be spontaneous and wander with our senses. The Sculptures varied from tall, to short, from large to small, mixed with different material and colors. We sometimes could visually see the theme, while others sculptures were quite abstract. We looped around the museum, and through the beautiful gardens. It was fun to walk around the large property and search for the Sculptures.

There were benches throughout the property to sit, and relax. We lounged at one location to sip some water, and a rest from the heat. We then continued wandering around stopping to take photographs of many of the sculptures that crossed our path. Such an appealing park full of art, and culture. So glad we could visit this magnificent park, a special treasure in our New England (Rating: 4).

Today: October 7, 2018

February 2016 (I may add some additional photographs at a future date)

July 13, 2018 – New Hampshire – Frosty Scoops

Yesterday we made a stop at Frosty Scoops in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Frosty Scoops is an adorable little ice cream stand on Main Street that sells homemade ice cream.  They are connected to the Common Man Inn and Spa, a well known Inn, Spa and restaurant in the area.

We were very happy to find an ice cream shop with a window to get a treat to cool down on a nice warm day.  I was pleased, and surprised to see the dog ice cream was free, and although just a tiny little scoop, Shadow and Wilma sure did not complain.  I myself decided to order a frappe.  We then found a nice corner, shaded area to sit, sip, and devour.  The set-up for this outdoor area was perfect, with fun music blasting, a sandbox for the kids to play, picnic tables, outdoor games, and benches for guests.  There was even a retro truck on display.  Definitely a fun atmosphere to enjoy some ice cream on a summer day (Rating:  4, Dog Ice Cream:  3).