October 22, 2018 – Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge in Bath, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1829 and covers the Ammonoosuc River. It is suspected to be the oldest covered bridge in New Hampshire. It is open to foot traffic only.

We enjoyed our Adventure to the Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge. It was nice to find a pedestrian-only bridge, allowing us to saunter under the lattice truss architecture. The views from the bridge were beautiful, filled with fall foliage and mountain scenes. As we began walking across we heard roaring water and were pleased to find yet another bridge with a water feature below. I was humored by a sign indicating a maximum number of people, (where usually the bridges display a car maximum).

After walking past the bridge we kept going and were soon enthused to find a trail down to the River, with a splendid view of the bridge. Shadow enjoyed a nap in the sand, Wilma sniffed around, and I snapped away. We spent some time at this bridge location before heading off to our next Adventure. We were pleased to wander around the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge today. (Rating: 4)

October 22, 2018 – Bath Covered Bridge, New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Bath Covered Bridge in Bath, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1832 and spans the Ammonoosuc River. It is one of New Hampshire’s oldest covered bridges.

We had a fun Adventure to the Bath Covered Bridge. It was another long bridge with red on the ends, a light colored wood on the side, and some small waterfall features below. Initially it looked like we would not get a good side view of the bridge, but the more we walked the more we discovered. Eventually we were under the bridge, and were able to walk along a work road that gave us a spectacular view. We went down to the River’s Edge for for some sticks, and sips, digging, even enjoying a short game of tug-a-war. Shadow and Wilma posed for some great photographs with the Bridge. I am especially enthused when I find a covered bridge that you really can explore, and the Bath Covered Bridge definitely provided this feature. We were quite happy to find the Bath Covered Bridge on our Adventure today (Rating: 4).

October 22, 2018 – Swiftwater Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Swiftwater Bridge in Bath, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1849 and covers the Ammonoosuc River. It is one of the few original bridges in New Hampshire. The Swiftwater Bridge has a small waterfall, and is a popular swimming hole in the summer.

We had a nice Adventure to the Swiftwater Bridge. It was a picturesque, and long bridge with a waterfall, and rocky area below. We had trouble getting down the trail due to the rocks, but soon found another trail. We hopped carefully on the rocks and closer to the Bridge. The sun was streaming down in our eyes, so it was hard to get a great photograph. However we did our best and tried all angles and spots we could find. Of course we could not resist heading down to the River’s Edge for some puppy sips. I found that the footing around this location a little challenging for Shadow, so we had a short visit to the Bridge. Although a quick stop we still found the Swiftwater Bridge to be a lovely spot (Rating: 4).

September 1, 2018 – Groveton Covered Bridge – New Hamphire

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to the Groveton Covered Bridge in Northumberland, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1852 by Captain Charles Richardson and his son. It traverses the Upper Ammonoosuc River.

We were happy to start the first day of September with a journey to a new covered bridge. The day was a bit cloudy, and gratefully cooler then recent days. We found the Groveton Covered Bridge just off the main road, with parking nearby. The bridge was white in color. The paint was pealing off, revealing a run-down landmark. However we were to pleased to see it stable for foot traffic, and open for exploring. We took a walk down the sides of the rivers taking photographs, and then looped far around to get a distant view. There were many wild flowers in the area, adding some bright color. We studied the architecture as we strolled through the Bridge, careful not to be run down by the constant ATV activity. After we had an opportunity to capture all available angles we decided to sit and the grass to savor the experience. A fun start to our day of Adventures in New Hampshire (Rating: 3).


June 30, 2018 – New Hampshire – Lower Ammonoosuc Falls

Today, one of our adventures was to the Lower Ammonoosuc Falls in Carroll, New Hampshire.  This Falls is part of the White Mountain National Forest.  It is a Cascade Falls with a 15 Foot drop.  It is surrounded by rocks, and is a fast, and strong flowing cascade.  As you might suspect, it is part of the Ammonoosuc River.

I was glad to have done some research on the Falls as the parking lot was not clearly marked from the road.  Once we drove all the way into the lot, it was clear we had arrived at the Lower Ammonoosuc Falls Trail.  We started on the trail, which was flat, and not too unappealing.  After observing more closely we began to see many colorful, fluttering butterflies, and wild flowers along the trail, added some intrigue, and of course chasing for Wilma.  Additionally, it was pleasant to hear the natural sounds of the River as we traversed this simple trail.

On the way to the Falls, we found many little trails to sneak over to the River’s edge.  These were fun little spots, that often had beach-like areas.  Shadow was able to swim in the River, while Wilma waded.  I even decided to wade myself, enjoying quite the cool down in the chilly River water.  On and off throughout our walk we stopped at these areas to hang out for a bit and cool down.  Sand for digging, rocks for climbing, and water for swimming, I think just the perfect dog day!

On arrival to the Falls we found a heavy cascade of water barreling down into a large pool.  The Falls was surrounded by large rocks, that helped create the crashing sound of  the water.  We were able to climb the rocks along the side and enjoy the view.  Between the bright sun, and the moving water it was hard to capture a great shot, but of course attempted some videos as well.  We did not observe anyone swimming, but a hand-full of fishermen along the way.  This was a great area to hang out on a hot summer day (Rating:  4).