October 22, 2018 – Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge in Bath, New Hampshire. The Bridge was built in 1829 and covers the Ammonoosuc River. It is suspected to be the oldest covered bridge in New Hampshire. It is open to foot traffic only.

We enjoyed our Adventure to the Bath-Haverhill Covered Bridge. It was nice to find a pedestrian-only bridge, allowing us to saunter under the lattice truss architecture. The views from the bridge were beautiful, filled with fall foliage and mountain scenes. As we began walking across we heard roaring water and were pleased to find yet another bridge with a water feature below. I was humored by a sign indicating a maximum number of people, (where usually the bridges display a car maximum).

After walking past the bridge we kept going and were soon enthused to find a trail down to the River, with a splendid view of the bridge. Shadow enjoyed a nap in the sand, Wilma sniffed around, and I snapped away. We spent some time at this bridge location before heading off to our next Adventure. We were pleased to wander around the Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge today. (Rating: 4)

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