August 3, 2018 – New Hampshire – Squam Bridge

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I visited the Squam Bridge in Ashland, New Hampshire.  The Squam Bridge was built in 1990, funded mostly by individuals, companies, and benefit events, while just partly funded by the town of Ashland.  The Bridge spans the Squam River as it flows from the Little Squam Lake.

We enjoyed our trip to the Squam Bridge on this hot and humid day.  This was my second time visiting the bridge as Shadow, Buster, my Mom, and I had visited one time previously.  The Bridge was located on a quiet road, allowing minimal traffic.  Upon arrival we parked in the adjacent parking lot, and sauntered over to, and across the Bridge.  We walked through the sidewalk on the side of the Bridge, always a picturesque feature.  After crossing the bridge we found a boat launch, perfect for a dog friendly swim, and some unique side-angle photography.  We spent some time relaxing in the area before heading back through the Bridge.  After finishing at the Bridge we wandered around the area, including checking out a nearby marina.  It was definitely a warm day, so we kept our visit short, before heading off to our next adventure (Rating:  3).

August 3, 2018






October 2016

May 26, 2018 – Massachusetts – Ashland State Park

Today we visited Ashland State Park, located in Ashland, Massachusetts.  Ashland State Park is a 470 Acre Park with a 157 Acre Reservoir.  The Park has a dam, a spillway, and several beaches for guests.  The Park was initially created when the Reservoir was built in 1895.  Ashland State Park has several fun facts, with a movie partly partially being filmed there in August 2014 (“Sea of Trees”), and even a helicopter crash in August 2016.

We spent almost four hours at this amazingly beautiful park, mostly traversing the trail around the Reservoir.  We arrived bright and early, leading us to meet many, many other dog friends.  I choose Ashland State Park today, as I knew it would be a hot day, and thought it was a perfect way for the dogs to cool down.  Although Wilma is not a swimmer, she waded and sipped some water along the way. Shadow continually swam, and often enjoyed just sitting in the Reservoir.  We enjoyed many stops for these water moments, and also spent some time at the dam, where Wilma even found a little turtle!  We saw a beaver dam along the trail, crossed some unique bridges, found some good sticks for chewing, and some round rocks for climbing.  This was really a great find, and as usual I took plenty of photographs along the way.  Definitely a perfect location for a hot New England day (Rating:  5)