March 22, 2020 – Babb’s Bridge – Maine

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Babb’s Bridge which divides the towns of Gorham and Windham, Maine.  The Babb’s covered Bridge was originally built in 1840, making it the oldest covered bridge in Maine.  It later had to be rebuilt and also has undergone numerous repairs. The Babb’s Bridge traverses the Presumpscot River.

We had a brief visit to the Babb’s Bridge on a beautiful winter day.  Although on a public road we arrived to find numerous private property signs making it unclear as to where we could wander.  I decided to first drive through the bridge to take some photographs.  The far side, which I believe to be the Gorham side, provided no public River across.  Upon peering down the River I noted at least three rope swings, signs of a great summer day.  I debated walking through but the bridge was dark underneath and the traffic speedy so I chose to drive back across.

On what I suspect was the Windham side,  there was a beach-like area filled with a group of people fishing and enjoying the fresh air.  We tranced around a bit and snapped some quick photographs.  Fearing an accidental trespassing incident I decided to make it a short stop, although I guess often the case on a covered bridge Adventures.  So glad we could visit the Babb’s Bridge today (Rating:  3.5).

August 25, 2018 – Moose State Park – New Hampshire

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I visited Moose State Park in Gorham, New Hampshire. Moose State Park is located in the White Mountains, occupying approximately 755 square acres of land. It houses the Peabody and Moose Rivers, which feed the warming pond, and swimming area in the Park. Moose State Park is a popular location for biking, camping, and fishing.

We were excited to have my Mom join us as we embarked on our Adventure to Moose State Park. We began our visit on the Perkins Path trail. This loop circled through the forest, at times paralleling the Rivers. We savored the little details along the path. There was a cave-like formation atop a huge bolder, gigantic circular rocks, and colorful mushrooms along the way. Midway on the loop we located a wooden bridge crossing over the River. Definitely an ideal location for some photographs, and videos. After finishing at the bridge we continued on the trail taking in the moments,on this beautiful day.

Upon completing the loop we walked a little further finding the camping areas, some modern bridges, and the “warming pool”. Shadow enjoyed a swim in this “pool”, while Wilma rolled around in the grass. It was nice to see some additional features of this park.

The main highlight of our afternoon was finding some fun rocks along the River to rest on, dip our feet, and relax. The River was frigid, numbing our feet, yet adding the perfect therapy to our soles. We enjoyed each others company, while taking in the sounds of the River. Shadow took a dip in the River, while Wilma found some chewing sticks. Some attempted selfies, and laughs, as memories were formed. And although Moose State Park quite simple, we savored our time at Moose State Park. (Rating: 3, Company: Exemplary!)