May 27, 2018 – Rhode Island – Blackstone River State Park

Today we visited the Blackstone River State Park in Lincoln, RI.  The Blackstone River Park is a riverfront park with bicycle trails, walking paths, canoeing, and even a museum.  It is also popular for fishing.  The Blackstone Canal was built to improve transportation of goods, and was opened in 1828.  The River flows nearly 48 miles throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

We visited this park on a dark, cool New England day, a far cry from yesterday’s 80 degree heat.  Although many will complain about today’s weather, I love a 50 degree, sweatshirt-type of New England day.

On our visit we explored the trails along the canal, and through the woods.  We located a dam from afar, and noticed various bridges winding through the park.  We appreciated new trails for some exercise, taking in the nice cool breeze.  Shadow seemed to love rolling in the Rhode Island grass, while of course Wilma found some tasty sticks to gnaw.  We chatting with several other visitors, and made some dog friends.  No matter how simple the park, we ALWAYS enjoy our adventures!  (Rating:  2)


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