June 30, 2018 – Lake Saco Trail – New Hampshire

Today one of our adventures was to the Lake Saco Trail in Carroll, New Hampshire.  This was our second time visiting the Lake Saco Trail.  The Lake Saco trail is a short trail, bordering Lake Saco, and is located in the White Mountain National Forest.

When we arrived at the Trail we found that flowing water had overtaken the beginning of the Trail, appearing like a shallow stream.  Apparently I did not have my water proof hiking boots, but we sure did not let that stop us on our adventure.  We continued on, and journeyed to the dry portion of the trail, which included large boulders, fun little bridges, and gorgeous mountain views.  I observed the mountains reflecting onto the water, just so picturesque.  One of the bridges we encountered had actually collapsed, but I humored myself in still trying to traverse it.  After a little wobbling, and a lot of encouragement for Shadow, we made it across.  The trail mostly followed the water’s edge before merging into the forest.  Simple, short, yet just so beautiful.  The only thing that I do not like about this trail is that is sits just off the road, so the sounds of the highway slightly dampen the true nature experience.  I will include photos from both of our journey’s below (Rating:  4).

June 2018:



October 2017:



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