July 13, 2018 – New Hampshire – Rainbow Falls

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I went to Rainbow Falls in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Rainbow Falls is located in the Walter-Newton Natural Area.  It is a source of Glove Hollow Brook, and is 25 feet in height.  There are benches at the base of the waterfall to sit, relax, and enjoy the view.

The parking lot for Rainbow Falls was not marked, however, our research did us well, being able to locate the parking lot, and the trail.  The parking lot is a dirt lot located on Cummings Road.  We walked up the road a bit to the trail on the left, where the kiosk was located.  One aspect of this trail I appreciated was that there were maps available to take, as well as a trail map posted at the kiosk.

We began our hike to the Fall from the kiosk.   The trail was well marked, but I found it somewhat dull, and a little buggier then our “normal” adventure locations.  We did find several spots where the brook was flowing, but overall the water was pretty dried out.  There were little bridges along the way, some of which appeared oddly placed.  Upon arrival to the falls we were quite disappointed, as there was barely a drop flowing from above.  I guess we missed the prime time for the Rainbow Falls.   We wandered around for a bit, before heading back.  A disappointing stop, but we still enjoyed a good walk, and some time exploring (Rating:  2).

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