July 20, 2018 – New Hampshire – Tannery Hill Covered Bridge

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I visited the Tannery Hill Covered Bridge in Gilford, New Hampshire.  This bridge crosses the Gunstock Brook.  It was constructed by Tim Andrews in 1995, is a lattice design, and spans approximately 42 feet in length.  The bridge connects the town hall with the rest of the town center.  The name comes from a tannery that once stood in the same area.  The bridge accommodates foot traffic only.

I immediately fell in love with this quaint, little bridge.  It was somewhat away from the busy sounds of traffic, and in a peaceful, shady location.  On arrival to the bridge the music of the babbling brook below could be heard, singing the sounds of peace.  There were some colorful flowers, nicely landscaped nearby.  We sauntered back and forth through the bridge several times.  Simple, charming and picturesque.  I found a funky, fun, little tree nearby, which was great to photograph as well.  We did not stay long as some fisherman soon joined us, but I definitely was quite fond of the Tannery Hill Covered Bridge (Rating:  5).




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