July 21, 2018 – New Hampshire – Upper Ammonoosuc Falls

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I went to the Upper Ammonoosuc Falls in Coos County, New Hampshire.  The Upper Falls is known more for the pools and gorges, then the actual Falls.  It has plunges, and cascades with the highest water drop at a mere eight feet.  It is also popular for cliff jumping, and unfortunately has been a known area where drownings have occurred.

We were pleased to be able to visit the Upper Ammonoosuc Falls.  It was a warm day, and a bit sunny for photographs, but I always attempt to capture our adventures on film.  The Falls was not too clear from the road, but luckily my research allowed us to locate it.  We walked around, crossing a bridge, before hopping along on some rocks along the water.  We observed some cliff jumpers, which was somewhat frightening, but I was told “I do it all the time, don’t worry”.  Luckily it all worked well, and we watched a crowd of various ages jumping into the pool of water.  My favorite thing about this Falls was the rounded, uncommon boulders that shaped the gorge, and the clear color of the water below.  Overall the Falls was somewhat plain, but we still do cherish all of our adventures (Rating:  3)

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