October 5, 2018 – Silk Road Covered Bridge – Vermont

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Silk Road Covered Bridge in Bennington, Vermont. The Silk Road Covered Bridge was built in 1840 by Benjamin Sears. It crosses the Wallroomsac River, and is approximately 88 feet long. It is one of three covered bridges that crosses the Wallroomsac River.

We had a fun time Adventuring to all three covered bridges in Bennington, Vermont. I debated blogging them all together, especially as they look so similar, however decided to blog them separately. The Silk Road Covered Bridge was our first bridge stop of today. It is the smallest of the three bridges. We pulled along the bridge, with many other tourists, all snapping photographs side-by-side. Cars were flying through the bridge, making it dangerous to get too close, or under the bridge. We loved the bright red color. We were able to sneak along the side, and get a couple photos. Poor Shadow is not yet allowed to swim post-surgery, so we did not get too close to the River. However we still enjoyed our visit on this beautiful fall day (Rating: 3).

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