November 10, 2018 – Fort Foster Park – Maine

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Foster Park in Kittery, Maine. Fort Foster Park includes: beaches, trails, and the historic Fort Foster which was active from 1901-1946. The Park is located on Gerrish Island. It has scenic views of Portsmouth Harbor.

We had a gorgeously scenic Adventure to Fort Foster Park. We were happy the rainy morning had cleared, and it had become a sunny, windy, and blue-sky filled day. The gate was closed for driving so we parked and began our walk into the Park. We soon arrived at the Fort, and began exploring. We were able to climb to the top of the Fort and view the Harbor. We then wandered down the shore, finding a long and picturesque bridge. I decided not to journey out on the bridge as I could not believe the strength of the wind. However we took some photographs and headed along the shore.

We quickly found an amazing trail down the shore. The waves were loud, and crashing into the rocks, while the view was perfectly coastal. One reason I had choose this park was to see the best view of the Whaleback Lighthouse from shore, and although far in the distance the sky, and waves painted a lovely site. While enjoying the view of the Lighthouse we continued along this trail. We headed over to the rocky shore on several occasions, although I often was cautious due to the strength of the waves against the rocks. We found the observation and fire control along the way, snapping a couple photographs before returning to the coastal trail. The trail ended at a rocky beach, where we turned around to enjoy this spectacular walk once again.

When we were almost back to the Fort the sky suddenly darkened and we were caught in a hail storm, with an immense increase in wind force. Such a bizarre and fun moment in our Adventure. I do not think I have ever been in such a wind storm! We continued walking, and the “storm” soon ceased. We were then pleased to find the upper part of the Fort and explored the various doors, stairs, and features throughout.

Highlights of today’s Adventure were: energetic roles in the grass, the crashing waves, an unexpected hail storm, the breathtaking views, and play-time on the beach. Shadow and Wilma seemed especially enthusiastic, savoring all moments and smells at Fort Foster Park. Although the Fall season can create some dull landscape on the shore, the coastal views, perfect sky, and wonderful Adventure made for the perfect afternoon. I would definitely recommend you visit this magnificent Park, and I do expect we will be back (Rating: 4).

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