November 17, 2018 – Lowell National Historic Park – Massachusetts

Today, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Lowell National Historic Park to explore the Lowell Waterways. The Lowell National Historic Park was established in 1978 and includes a group of different sites in and around the city of Lowell. These sites are related to the era of manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution. They include a visitor center, the Lowell Waterways, the Boot Mills, the Patrick J Morgan Cultural Center and much more.

We were happy to find a local Adventure with our visit to the Lowell National Historic Park. Obviously we were only able to explore the outdoor aspects of the Park, however we did our best to get a feel of the Park. Upon arrival we parked at the visitor parking and were able to speak with the ranger to get a map and some additional details. We headed on our journey, soon realizing that the Waterways were quite unclear, and not marked. However, I felt it best to not look like an obvious tourist in the city, so decided not to continually pull out an overly detailed map, but instead wander on our own.

It was a dull day, leftover snow and brown leaves covering the ground. We were pleased to find some grass, between the city side walks, and some paths along the canal. We walked about an hour and a half, experiencing the sounds, viewing landmarks, and appreciating the diversity of the city. Along the way we found signs noting we were on the “Canalway” and finding various information and historic signs to educate us on our journey. Although I was excited to enjoy a new Adventure, I was disappointed with the Park. However, it was fun to provide Shadow and Wilma with a city Adventure, something we do not do often (Rating: 2).

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