January 19, 2019 – World’s End Reservation – Massachusetts

Yesterday we Adventured to the World’s End Reservation in Hingham, Massachusetts. World’s End is a 251 acre park and conservation area preserved by the Trustees of Reservations. It is a 3.8 mile loop (with additional side trails) containing tree-lined carriage paths, views of the Boston skyline, rocky shores, and marshlands.

We had a wonderful visit to the World’s End Reservation on this “calm before the storm” kind of day. This was a place I have heard about since my return to Massachusetts and finally got a chance to explore. There was a pricey $8 fee to enter this conservation area, but not too bad when you think of the cost many pay for “entertainment”. We started our journey over the bridge, swans gliding by as they dodged chunks of ice. The ice was quite picturesque, framing a lovely scene. We headed up on the trails deciding to take the 3.8 loop around the land. It was a windy day, the trails quite vacant from visitors. The path was lined with trees, and had many benches with water views.  The dogs enjoyed the new scents and an energetic walk.

On several occasions we ventured down to the shoreline, often filled with perfectly shaped ice, while on some ends no ice at all. I cannot recall seeing shapes of ice like we found in some parts, gorgeously formed shapes. Wilma especially was excited about these glacial-like features digging, chewing, and sometimes being surprised as the ice tipped her off slowly. She eagerly tried to draw Shadow into her play, but he preferred his footing on solid ground – smart boy! The sun was just right today, adding a perfect tough to the water.

On the last part of the loop we entered into a trail that appeared to be more in a marshy area. We veered off on various sode trails over to the water’s edge.  There we found several rocks for Wilma to stand on while appearing to herself awe at the view. I was not able to capture this area in photographs as my phone died, reminding me of my plan to soon invest in a camera. However, overall a good collage below of the wonderful day. Definitely a park we plan to return to on a future date (Rating: 4)




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