May 31, 2020 – Glendale Falls – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Glendale Falls in Middlefield, Massachusetts.  Glendale Falls in sourced by the Glendale Brook and is considered one of the longest waterfalls in Massachusetts.  The trail to Glendale Falls is only about a quarter of a mile in length.  The Property is managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a water-rushing Adventure to Glendale Falls.  This was a waterfall I had been curious about for some time so was pleased to fit it in to today’s Adventures!  We located the Falls on a long country road and were disappointed to find it so crowded.  However we were able to obtain the last spot and headed down the trail.  We were quickly distracted by some rocks and what appeared to be the top of the Falls so headed off the trail to explore.   There were some small cascades and a beautiful view although the complete Falls was not yet in sight.  I had a brief flash of several on my White Mountain view’s but definitely not quite as spectacular.

We then headed back to the trail.  The trail was short but somewhat steep at locations. Certain spots actually had steps which helped with balance. We appreciated many boulders, some unusual in shape.  Upon arrival to the bottom we found it very crowded, and took some time trying to navigate our route while adhering to social distancing. We soon found some perfect rocks to enjoy the sounds of rushing water.  The Falls was a bit difficult to capture on camera as it was cascades from far above, however I did my best to capture this beautiful Falls.

We were quite upset to have a little incident when a dog jumped the Brook and bounded high up to the rocks we were standing on and charged Wilma.  I was so disappointed to see the lack of quick response from the owners let alone letting this incident occur in an on-leash location (maybe due to COVID but clearly listed as a rule).  However they eventually made their way to us to retrieve their dog and apologized continually. However this dampened the mood for a bit before we regrouped.  I then decided not to explore farther down the brook as they had headed in that direction but yet was thankful we had seen the complete Falls.

We headed back up the trail taking numerous opportunities to head to various rocky parts of the cascades.  We definitely had to be careful watching our step especially with rock jumping Wilma at the wheel (haha).  Upon arrival at the top we found an area busy with visitors, perfect for dipping.  We actually chatted with several guests and Wilma was quite thrilled to get some belly rubs and lots of attention.  One guest actually mentioned that she had seen the incident with the dog and was impressed at how I handled it.  This made me feel a bit better as everything happened so fast, and although I was not at all happy I did not say a negative word to the owners.  As I think about it Wilma recovered quite quickly it was more myself that was rattled, and frustrated.  I debated mentioning this incident but it did play a big impact in the day.  However, we loved finding a new waterfall, quite unique to the other ones we have located in Massachusetts.  Beautiful rocks, cascades, and a view down the Falls.  So glad we could visit Glendale Falls today (Rating:  4).


June 18, 2019 – Bear’s Den – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Bear’s Den in New Salem, Massachusetts.  Bear’s Den includes a short trail to a scenic waterfall, a stream, a secluded gorge, and contains ruins of an old mill.  The waterfall is a cascade falls, approximately twelve feet in height, and is sourced from the Swift River.  The Reservation was given its’ name due to a black bear being shot on the property.  Bear’s Den is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a rainy Adventure to the Bear’s Den Reservation.  We were quite thrilled to have a weekday Adventure as our three days off in the summer has begun!  I expected the weather to become rainy, but we were determined to visit Bear’s Den, so we carried on!  I was pleased to arrive at a small and empty parking lot.  I had read there was hunting at this location so decided to adorn the pups in their bright orange armor!  We headed down a green surrounded trail into the great outdoors.  There was an informational kiosk a bit down the path with a map.  Soon we heard the singing of the stream, and headed straight to the water.  Shadow of course attempted a dip in the shallow water while Wilma found a fallen tree to climb, and a stick to chew.  We took our time in this area walking around the shore, jumping on the rocks, and wandering around the mill remains.

The trails were not clear, however we followed the sounds and quickly located the waterfall from high above the gorge.  We were pleased to find a path down to bottom of the gorge, and directly in front of the waterfall.  The gorge area was spectacular, with caves in the rocks, lovely green, and the tall boulders surrounding us as we peered at the waterfall.  The Falls had two main sections, separated by rocks in the middle.  It was small, but yet just right.  We relaxed for awhile taking in the scene.  Both Shadow and Wilma spent some time sitting, while Wilma also enjoyed some rock jumps, and Shadow often could be found searching for the quickest path to the water.  Wilma seemed a bit uneasy at times looking around cautiously, my mind repeatedly expecting a bear sighting  Thankfully we did not see a bear!

Bear’s Den was a peaceful and special location.  It was hard to capture the Falls in photographs, so I would encourage you to view the videos below.  So glad we could Adventure to this location (Rating:  4).














June 8, 2019 – Brooks Woodland Preserve – Massachusetts

On June 8, 2019 Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Brooks Woodland Preserve in Petersham, Massachusetts.  The preserve includes over thirteen miles of trails, rivers, brooks, forestland, and wetlands.  The property was previously home to the Nipmuc Indians, while later being cleared for pastureland, and farms.  The land was named for James Wilson Brooks.  Brooks Woodland Preserve is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had an invigorating hike at the Brooks Woodland Preserve on a lovely spring morning.  I was wondering if we would make it to the property, as with no exact address we drove down a rocky country road.  However, we were pleased to find the bright blue official Trustees sign and arrive at the trailhead.  I confirmed that no hunting was permitted but yet became concerned to find a nearby sign stating “However…” warning you to be aware that hunters still could be around the area or on the property.  I was thrilled to find one of Shadow and Wilma’s reflector vests in the car, slightly reducing my anxiety with this information.   I often joke how I have one dog that looks like a bear, and one that looks like a deer, so therefore avoid properties known for hiking.  Still a bit anxious with this warning, I covered by pups with bright orange, and decided to continue on our Adventure.

We began down a slightly overgrown trail hopping over two large trees that had fallen over the path.  The trail opened up to a gorgeous field-like area, beautiful green colors spanning our view.  We soon entered the woods and arrived at a gorgeous stream, and bridge.  Shadow quickly found a path down to the water while Wilma and I watched from above (see the first video below).  We relaxed at this singing brook for some time until Shadow was ready to leave the cool flowing water and journey on to the trail.  Our hike mostly followed the yellow loop trail, although we veered off in some locations to check on various scenery, often a bridges over a singing brook.  We met one couple on and off throughout our hike who appeared to be traversing the same trail.  They were very nice, and seemed to appreciate some “hellos” with Shadow and Wilma.  Besides this couple we found ourselves alone with nature.

This trail was quite special as the town it was located in was in the country, leading to a true natural hike.  There was constant birds chirping, and oftentimes you could hear the singing of streams.  Not a chance that you could hear the highway from this location, so tranquil and serene.  Shadow seemed quite energized on this hike, often speeding ahead of us, I am sure quite enthused from the many, cool stream dips!  My favorite parts of this hike were:  trail that paralleled the stream, the picturesque bridges, watching Shadow’s joyful swims, lush green landscape, and being one with nature at this serene location.  Besides my worries of the nearby hunting, we really enjoyed our visit at the Brooks Woodland Preserve.  As you may guess I found this property through the Trustees of Reservations.  Definitely a wonderful visit to this lovely property (Rating:  3)










May 6, 2019 – Stevens-Coolidge Place – Massachusetts

Tonight Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, Massachusetts.  The Stevens-Coolidge Place is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.  It is a garden and a historic home that includes a museum.  The past residents included the Stevens family, one of the founder families of North Andover.

We had a floral Adventure to the Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, Massachusetts.  I was excited to start Mother’s Day week spending time with my amazing Mother.  She has joined us on many of our Adventures, and we were excited to explore a garden location on a lovely spring evening.  I had been curious about the Stevens-Coolidge Place for some time, having seen that it was a dog-friendly garden area and also not far from home.  I had read that they had a recent tulip event, so was hopeful for lots of beautiful color and blooms.  I think my expectations were a bit high as I thought there would be numerous flowers all over the property.  However, there were only small amounts of blooms, although still gorgeous.  We wandered around to different areas finding a singing fountain, appreciating the lineal landscape, and enjoying the architecture of the home.  Our favorite feature was the gorgeous center area that had tulips of all colors.

We took many photographs, had lots of laughter, and enjoyed breathing in the fresh spring air.  It was so nice to see the sun, something we have not seen for awhile in Massachusetts.  Throughout the evening Shadow and Wilma participated in many rolls and appreciated any and all guest attention.  Simple but just perfect.  We might just have to come back for a visit when there are more blooms (Rating:  3, Company – Perfection!)



February 23, 2019 – Charles River Peninsula – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I journeyed on three separate Adventures.  Our first one was to the Charles River Peninsula in Needham, Massachusetts.  The Charles River Peninsula is a 30 acres nature preserve that is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.  It is a true peninsula, being surrounded by the Charles River.  The Peninsula rises to become an open field.  This land was previously used for farming.

We had a simple Adventure to the Charles River Peninsula, on a surprisingly warm winter day.  We were exuberant  to visit another one of the Trustee properties, our new favorite spots to explore.  Our Adventure started bright and early on another grey winter day. We were pleased to almost have the reserve to ourselves, with only several other visitors here and there.  We found the Peninsula to have somewhat of a city feel, with houses around many of the borders, and utility poles, however still quite serene.

I was relieved that I had glanced at the map before we left as the trails were not marked.  The official entrance was announced by a small boardwalk where we began our hike around the loop.  We were happy to see footprints on the route, guiding us to the trail.  There was snow on much of the trail, and some patches of ice. The trail was not very interesting as it really was just one big circle around the field, with little changes in landscape.  Although the preserve was a bit dull we ALWAYS make memories and find things we appreciate on our Adventures.  At the Peninsula we especially enjoyed the loop near the water with River views, the numerous bird feeders scattered throughout the property, and the several large rocks for some Wilma jumps.  I think sometimes my expectations are too high, however, I really can never complain about a walk with Shadow and Wilma, my PERFECT company.

I found the Charles River Peninsula through the Trustees of Reservations which I have been learning about more in the last month or so.  I would encourage you to check out the Trustees of Reservations, as you can search for properties in your area.  Many of the land, trails, and properties are absolutely lovely, and the Trustees of Reservations does wonderful work to preserve the land and history throughout Massachusetts. So although the Charles River Peninsula did not peak my interest, we still ALWAYS enjoy our time in the great outdoors.  We are glad we could visit today (Rating:  2).


January 19, 2019 – World’s End Reservation – Massachusetts

Yesterday we Adventured to the World’s End Reservation in Hingham, Massachusetts. World’s End is a 251 acre park and conservation area preserved by the Trustees of Reservations. It is a 3.8 mile loop (with additional side trails) containing tree-lined carriage paths, views of the Boston skyline, rocky shores, and marshlands.

We had a wonderful visit to the World’s End Reservation on this “calm before the storm” kind of day. This was a place I have heard about since my return to Massachusetts and finally got a chance to explore. There was a pricey $8 fee to enter this conservation area, but not too bad when you think of the cost many pay for “entertainment”. We started our journey over the bridge, swans gliding by as they dodged chunks of ice. The ice was quite picturesque, framing a lovely scene. We headed up on the trails deciding to take the 3.8 loop around the land. It was a windy day, the trails quite vacant from visitors. The path was lined with trees, and had many benches with water views.  The dogs enjoyed the new scents and an energetic walk.

On several occasions we ventured down to the shoreline, often filled with perfectly shaped ice, while on some ends no ice at all. I cannot recall seeing shapes of ice like we found in some parts, gorgeously formed shapes. Wilma especially was excited about these glacial-like features digging, chewing, and sometimes being surprised as the ice tipped her off slowly. She eagerly tried to draw Shadow into her play, but he preferred his footing on solid ground – smart boy! The sun was just right today, adding a perfect tough to the water.

On the last part of the loop we entered into a trail that appeared to be more in a marshy area. We veered off on various sode trails over to the water’s edge.  There we found several rocks for Wilma to stand on while appearing to herself awe at the view. I was not able to capture this area in photographs as my phone died, reminding me of my plan to soon invest in a camera. However, overall a good collage below of the wonderful day. Definitely a park we plan to return to on a future date (Rating: 4)