February 17, 2019 – Wiggly Bridge – Maine

I apologize as I am slightly behind with my blogging over the last couple days, but am slowly catching up!!  On February 17, 2019 we Adventured to the Wiggly Bridge in York, Maine.  The Wiggly Bridge is a suspended bridge, that as titled, wiggles” as you walk across.  It was built in the 1930s and stretches over the tidal pool that flows from Barrell Mill Pond to the York River.  It is known as the smallest suspension bridge in the world, just seventy five feet in length.

Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I had a fun Adventure to the Wiggly Bridge, one of our many stops on our two day Maine getaway.  (most of which I’ve already blogged about but some new Adventures too).  This was at least the third time we have visited, although it was the first time for my Mom.  Our stroll to the Bridge started on a short man-made causeway that leads you to this landmark.  The sun was shining along the water, sparkling from the glare.  The Bridge highlighted by green, adding the perfect feature to the coastal spot.  We snapped some photographs, and played with the shadows below.

On this visit I decided not to venture across the Bridge with Shadow and Wilma as last time, we had a little problem.  On that visit BOTH of them became very concerned about the “wiggles”, causing us to almost remain permanently on the other side of the Bridge.  It is a humorous story that I have fond memories of, even though we caused quite a scene.  The Wiggly Bridge is a wonderful landmark to visit, and although I initially found it by accident, I now know it is a famous Bridge, merely due to the small size.  Definitely a great stop that we have enjoyed on several of our Adventures.  I found a couple photos from our past trips which I have added to our collage below.  I was disappointed not to have any photographs of Buster from our first visit, however treasure an Adventure where all three of my pups had an opportunity to visit  (Rating:  4).


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