February 23, 2019 – Charles River Peninsula – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I journeyed on three separate Adventures.  Our first one was to the Charles River Peninsula in Needham, Massachusetts.  The Charles River Peninsula is a 30 acres nature preserve that is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.  It is a true peninsula, being surrounded by the Charles River.  The Peninsula rises to become an open field.  This land was previously used for farming.

We had a simple Adventure to the Charles River Peninsula, on a surprisingly warm winter day.  We were exuberant  to visit another one of the Trustee properties, our new favorite spots to explore.  Our Adventure started bright and early on another grey winter day. We were pleased to almost have the reserve to ourselves, with only several other visitors here and there.  We found the Peninsula to have somewhat of a city feel, with houses around many of the borders, and utility poles, however still quite serene.

I was relieved that I had glanced at the map before we left as the trails were not marked.  The official entrance was announced by a small boardwalk where we began our hike around the loop.  We were happy to see footprints on the route, guiding us to the trail.  There was snow on much of the trail, and some patches of ice. The trail was not very interesting as it really was just one big circle around the field, with little changes in landscape.  Although the preserve was a bit dull we ALWAYS make memories and find things we appreciate on our Adventures.  At the Peninsula we especially enjoyed the loop near the water with River views, the numerous bird feeders scattered throughout the property, and the several large rocks for some Wilma jumps.  I think sometimes my expectations are too high, however, I really can never complain about a walk with Shadow and Wilma, my PERFECT company.

I found the Charles River Peninsula through the Trustees of Reservations which I have been learning about more in the last month or so.  I would encourage you to check out the Trustees of Reservations, as you can search for properties in your area.  Many of the land, trails, and properties are absolutely lovely, and the Trustees of Reservations does wonderful work to preserve the land and history throughout Massachusetts. So although the Charles River Peninsula did not peak my interest, we still ALWAYS enjoy our time in the great outdoors.  We are glad we could visit today (Rating:  2).


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