March 16, 2019 – Popham Beach State Park – Maine

Yesterday we had a spectacular Adventure to the Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg, Maine.  Popham Beach State Park is approximately 605 acres in size and is one of the busiest Parks in Maine.  Views from the Beach include:  Fox and Wood Islands, and the Pond Island and Sequin Island lighthouses.  The Park is bordered by the Kennebec and Morse Rivers.  The Beach is popular for bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, and swimming.  There is a fee to enter the Park.

We had an incredible visit to Popham Beach State Park.  We entered the Park through a scenic path surrounded by trees, and after a short stroll arrived at the edge of the Beach.  It was a mouth-dropping moment as I could not believe the unique, and gorgeous scenery before my eyes.  It was almost like we had stepped into a dessert, in a far off land, the wind creating patterns across the sand.  Much of the Beach was flat, with some rocks to climb and Islands off into the water.  I was so awed by this location that I think I stared for a bit before eventually heading toward the water.  The air was fresh, and the water picturesque in all shades of blues.  Surprisingly the strong wind was not cold, but just perfect, creating four adorable floating ears.  We enjoyed some horses galloping along, quite picturesque on the smooth sand.

After wandering along the water for a bit we decided to explore the large rocky area, my guess was this could have been Fox Island.  I was not sure how this would work as Shadow is not too steady, or inspired by rock climbing, however was pleased to find flat areas to climb.  There were tidal pools with shells, and lobster traps scattered along the rocky area.  We sauntered over to the opposite side of the “Island” the waves crashing into the side, as the wind cooled our cheeks.  It was an inspiring little climb with lots of sensory pleasing moments.

I was excited to blog about this location, but yet know my description, nor my pictures will do it justice.  Hopefully the videos may add a better visual for my followers, but yet you really MUST plan a visit.  Without hesitation I can say that Popham State Beach Park is one of the most beautiful Beaches I have seen on the New England shores.  I do not remember the last time I gave our Adventure a 5, and although my company is always a perfect 5, I am happy to say it was an easy rating for this Beach.  I look forward to being back to Popham State Beach many times again in the future (Rating:  5).


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