March 16, 2019 – Fort Popham State Historic Site – Maine

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Popham State Historic Site in Phippsburg, Maine.  The Fort is from the Civil war times, and is located along the Kennec River.  The Fort’s construction began in 1962, but was never completed.  It was named after George Popham, leader of the Popham Colony.

We had a historic Adventure to the Fort Popham State Historic Park, on a gorgeous, and windy winter day.  We had difficulty finding parking, but after looping around numerous times we found an empty spot.  The Fort was located at a wonderful location on the River.  There were benches along the way, providing places to relax and take in the scenery.  The Fort was built of granite and had some yellow coloring, although not sure if this was from the weather, it nevertheless added some texture and color to the Fort.  We walked around checking out the doors, crannies and main area of the Fort.  Dogs were not allowed inside the Fort, although not sure if it was open anyways.  Shadow and Wilma appeared curious of this spot too, Wilma going in the doors, while Shadow peered through the gate to check out the Fort.  It was really a spectacular site (Rating:  4).


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