March 23, 2019 – Dunn State Park – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Dunn State Park in Gardner, Massachusetts.  Dunn State Park is a 132 acre park that surrounds a 20 acre pond.  It is popular for swimming, hiking, fishing, and boating.  There is a 1.3 loop trail around the pond, and other trails throughout.

We had a short Adventure to Dunn State Park on our way to a family day out in Western Massachusetts.  We have been to Dunn State Park numerous times in the past, although I believe this was Wilma’s first trip to the Park.  Dunn State Park is simple, but lovely, and often vacant in the off seasons.  Today we enjoyed part of the trail around the Pond, our favorite activity, while on past trips we have often enjoyed the beach and some swimming.  The wind was blowing the snow that covered the ice on the pond, creating a mystical scene, while the snow gorgeously covered the trees.  In some spots the water was flowing, while others it was still frozen.  The trail included beautiful steps, bridges, benches along the way, and many scenic spots to stop and view the pond.  A lovely Park to walk, and relax, not a visitor in site on this snowy morning.  I have attached a collage from our past visits that started back in 2012, so glad to also have memories with our Buster as well (Rating:  4).


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