April 13, 2019 – Cahoon Hollow Beach – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  Cahoon Hollow Beach is a large and popular beach known for its large sand dunes, and steep sandy path to enter the Beach.   The Wellfleet Beachcomber restaurant is located in the parking lot area and is open during the tourist seasons.  The Beach was named after the Cahoon family who lived in Cape Cod for many years.

We had the perfect Adventure to the Cahoon Hollow Beach on a foggy spring afternoon.  Upon arrival we parked and immediately were drawn to a stunning view.  I was absolutely in awe of the beautiful and unique landscape of the beach area.  Sand dunes on either side of us, and a long steep path down to the shore.  We quickly jumped out of the car and were greeted by several caution signs including shark warnings, and rip current warnings.  This is not at all how you expect to start a trip to the  beach but thankful that it was not a day of summer heat when the water really would be a must to ALL.

We then began our journey to this spectacular beach down the steep pathway, with deep, soft sand caressing our feet (well really sneakers).  Somewhat of a dramatic entrance, the perfect way to reach this scenic location.  Surprisingly we saw very few visitors at the lovely Cahoon Hollow Beach, which made the experience even better, alone with nature.  We walked and ran along the Beach for awhile, surrounded by tall sand dunes to one side and the stunning Atlantic ocean on the other.  There were beautiful shells, rocks, and even a bright yellow buoy.  Both Shadow and Wilma enjoyed some digging, while Shadow relaxed in the sand and even enjoyed some rolls, one of the few visitors noting sarcastically “he doesn’t like the beach, does he?”  Wilma was often on the search for shells, sometimes carrying them around and digging them up eagerly, my energizer bunny!  It is easy to see the joy of dogs in life, by just watching their zest for life.  They enjoy every little part of life, providing great lessons to mankind.

At one point we were greeted by a group of young ladies who asked to say “Hi” to the dogs and next we knew it was about fifteen minutes of chatting and dog massages. Wilma and Shadow went from one to the next enjoying each moment of affection and kindness.  They continually commented on how well behaved they were, creating a proud mom-moment.  I am far from a social person and it always amazes me how people’s love of dogs builds conversations, and connects people to one another.  Special creatures in our world.

The only aspect that was not perfect was the worries of the water.  I was cautious of Shadow and Wilma going too far into the water due to the many danger signs, but we still did enjoy strolling along the shore, with just our toes (well sneakers) in the water.  The water created lovely patterns in the sand, almost a song of its own.  The waves were peaceful, and completed the sounds of this beach oasis.

We really could have stayed at the Cahoon Hollow Beach all day long, serene and absolutely beautiful.  Every moment was amazing, and definitely one of those adventures that words, nor photos can capture this special Beach.  I tried adding some videos to help capture the experience.  Make sure you visit the spectacular Hollow Beach if you are ever in Cape Cod (Rating 5.)










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