April 27, 2019 – Echo Lake Beach – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Echo Lake Beach in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Echo Lake Park is a fresh water swimming lake, with depths of up to 66 feet.  It is framed by views of the Beech Cliffs.

We had a rainy Adventure to Echo Lake Beach on a dark Maine afternoon.  We were thrilled to find the Beach all to ourselves.  There was a boardwalk area that guided guests to the sand, some closed for the season buildings along the way.  There were lovely mountains on either side of the lake, and some boulders in the shallow water.  We walked around for a bit making sure not to miss anything about the Beach.  There were some sticks for chewing, water for sips, and of course lots of sand for digging.  There was also a picnic table in the sand ready for some guests.  It was actually almost a little spooky being dark, empty, and not even a chance of any cell service.  We did not stay long but were pleased to visit the Echo Lake Beach in Acadia National Park (Rating:  3).


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