April 27, 2019 – Paul Bunyan Statue – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Paul Bunyan Statue in Bangor, Maine, a little stop on the way to our final destination.  Bangor, Maine claims to be the birthplace of this famous lumberman.  The Statue is 31 feet tall, and is a fiberglass over metal frame.  It has been located at this spot since 1959.

We had a humorous Adventure to this absolutely enormous statue on a rainy Saturday.  I sometimes find odd, or simple spots to stop and stretch our legs when heading out on a farther Adventure.  Yesterday this spot was the Paul Bunyan Statue!  I had ready about the statue online, but obviously not too thoroughly as I could not believe how massive the sculpture was in size.  We found parking nearby and strolled over to Paul Bunyan.  As expected I posed by furry friends in front of the statue, and they smiled as requested.  I do not even think they saw the statue as it was so tall it was probably like another building.  The air was nice, and the breeze cooling, allowing the perfect spot to stretch our feet and view Paul Bunyan from all angles.  Glad we could visit the Paul Bunyan statue today (Rating:  3).


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