June 8, 2019 – Brooks Woodland Preserve – Massachusetts

On June 8, 2019 Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Brooks Woodland Preserve in Petersham, Massachusetts.  The preserve includes over thirteen miles of trails, rivers, brooks, forestland, and wetlands.  The property was previously home to the Nipmuc Indians, while later being cleared for pastureland, and farms.  The land was named for James Wilson Brooks.  Brooks Woodland Preserve is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had an invigorating hike at the Brooks Woodland Preserve on a lovely spring morning.  I was wondering if we would make it to the property, as with no exact address we drove down a rocky country road.  However, we were pleased to find the bright blue official Trustees sign and arrive at the trailhead.  I confirmed that no hunting was permitted but yet became concerned to find a nearby sign stating “However…” warning you to be aware that hunters still could be around the area or on the property.  I was thrilled to find one of Shadow and Wilma’s reflector vests in the car, slightly reducing my anxiety with this information.   I often joke how I have one dog that looks like a bear, and one that looks like a deer, so therefore avoid properties known for hiking.  Still a bit anxious with this warning, I covered by pups with bright orange, and decided to continue on our Adventure.

We began down a slightly overgrown trail hopping over two large trees that had fallen over the path.  The trail opened up to a gorgeous field-like area, beautiful green colors spanning our view.  We soon entered the woods and arrived at a gorgeous stream, and bridge.  Shadow quickly found a path down to the water while Wilma and I watched from above (see the first video below).  We relaxed at this singing brook for some time until Shadow was ready to leave the cool flowing water and journey on to the trail.  Our hike mostly followed the yellow loop trail, although we veered off in some locations to check on various scenery, often a bridges over a singing brook.  We met one couple on and off throughout our hike who appeared to be traversing the same trail.  They were very nice, and seemed to appreciate some “hellos” with Shadow and Wilma.  Besides this couple we found ourselves alone with nature.

This trail was quite special as the town it was located in was in the country, leading to a true natural hike.  There was constant birds chirping, and oftentimes you could hear the singing of streams.  Not a chance that you could hear the highway from this location, so tranquil and serene.  Shadow seemed quite energized on this hike, often speeding ahead of us, I am sure quite enthused from the many, cool stream dips!  My favorite parts of this hike were:  trail that paralleled the stream, the picturesque bridges, watching Shadow’s joyful swims, lush green landscape, and being one with nature at this serene location.  Besides my worries of the nearby hunting, we really enjoyed our visit at the Brooks Woodland Preserve.  As you may guess I found this property through the Trustees of Reservations.  Definitely a wonderful visit to this lovely property (Rating:  3)










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