July 14, 2019 – Village of Watch Hill – Rhode Island

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Village of Watch Hill in Rhode Island.  We visited Watch Hill after journeying to The Watch Hill Lighthouse (see previous blog).  Watch Hill is an affluent coastal village in the Town of Westerly.  It is home of the famous Ocean House hotel, and one of Taylor Swift’s mansions.  It is a popular area for beach-goers, and is plentiful of shops, and restaurants.  It is also home to a well-known, and historic carousel.

We had a warm Adventure to Watch Hill after a lovely visit to The Watch Hill Lighthouse.  We were fortunate to arrive early as after returning from the Lighthouse I quickly realized how crowded the Village becomes.  We luckily did not need more then the two-hour allowed parking time as parking past this time limit was quite pricey.  We began our stroll along the water’s edge, the beautiful blue ocean highlighted by many boats, included several that appeared wooden, and likely historic.  We strolled along, enjoying the sites, beautiful flowers, and the vacation atmosphere.  There were numerous people headed to the beach, I almost wondered how they would all fit as the shoreline appeared so minuscule.

Overall I did not find Watch Hill to be too dog friendly, as the beaches, and other coastal parks did not permit dogs.  However we were quite pleased to find numerous dog bowls filled with water for some sipping.  Both Shadow and Wilma were quite tired from the heat so they relaxed a bit in the shade, and enjoyed many visitors who stopped to greet them.  We saw very few dogs, likely as most of the visitors were headed to the beach.  I enjoyed peaking in the stores to see all the lovely items for sale.  Many of the shops had colorful flowers displayed in window boxes, or surrounding locations.  Watch Hill was definitely a lovely spot, and may just be the perfect location to return in the off-season when it is much cooler for a walk.  So glad we could visit this adorable coastal village today (Rating:  4).



5 thoughts on “July 14, 2019 – Village of Watch Hill – Rhode Island

  1. It looks like a good place to shoot for in the off season, as crowds probably detracted from the experience. Once again you have found another interesting area of the region.

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