October 19, 2019 – Cornish-Windsor Bridge – New Hampshire

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.

One of our Adventures on the way was the Cornish-Windsor Bridge in Cornish, New Hampshire.  The Bridge was built in 1866, and is one of the longest in the country.  It crosses the Connecticut River, connecting New Hampshire and Vermont.

This was the second time that we had Adventured to the Cornish-Windsor bridge as Shadow, Buster, and I visited back in October 2015.  Surprisingly it appears that I did not photograph the pups at our initial visit.  On this trip we were thrilled that My parents were joining us!  Our Adventure to the Cornish-Windsor bridge was incredibly panoramic.  We located two spots to view this spectacular bridge, one of which was close-up and well trafficked, the second more distant, and dog friendly.  The Cornish-Windsor bridge was quite stunning, grey in color, beautiful in style, and magnificent in length.  We captured the bridge from both locations, and enjoyed the scenery.   So glad we could view the Cornish-Windsor bridge again today (Rating 4.5).


October 2019

October 2015


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