November 3, 2019 – Scargo Tower – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Scargo Tower in Dennis, Massachusetts.  The Tower is 30 feet tall, and is made out of cobblestone.  It is located on one of the tallest hills in Cape Cod, providing stunning views of Cape Cod and Scargo Lake.  The Tower is currently closed due to unsafe conditions, however funding has been approved for repairs.

We had a nice visit to the Scargo Tower on a beautiful Fall day.  The Scargo Tower was quite difficult to locate, but was off of Scargo Hill Road as listed.  There was no label to this Tower, but after driving by the entrance several times, I spotted it, and we arrived!  Look for a green gate, (which may be open), to locate the entrance to this landmark.  As I had read about the Tower in preparation I was aware that it was closed due to structural damage and vandalism.  Nevertheless, I was still disappointed to see an unattractive metal fence surrounding the scenic, yet simple Tower.  I guess necessary for those who may feel the need to trespass, however, not creating a pleasing photograph.

We still enjoyed our time at the Tower, walking around, and attempting to see the sights from the rustic white fence.  Through glimpses between the brush it was clear that the Tower would provide spectacular views.  Even without the panoramic sights we appreciated the moments, and chatted with various other visitors, one of who kindly offered to take our photograph.  We might just have to visit the Scargo Tower again in the future to check out the advertised views (Rating:  Tower will not be rated as it is currently closed)


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