November 3, 2019 – West Dennis Beach – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to West Dennis Beach in Dennis, Massachusetts.  West Dennis Beach is a beach in Cape Cod that runs approximately three miles.  It contains a playground, and is popular for windsurfing, swimming, and kite flying.

We had a relaxing Adventure to West Dennis Beach.  I was delighted to find a beach on our Adventure to Cape Cod, although not necessarily a difficult task, something I had not studied ahead of time.  Upon arrival we found many visitors walking in the parking lot, parallel to the beach.  This appeared to leave the shoreline quite empty.   We found a quiet spot, and began strolling, and exploring.  There were plenty of empty horseshoe shells, various colors of seaweed, and numerous shells of all shapes and sizes.  The beach was pristine, the sun shining, and the water leading as far as the eye could see.  Wilma was extra-energetic, often attempting to run, dig and play, while Shadow remained calm.  Both pups enjoyed the new smells, and this serene oasis.

Before we left we met some kind visitors who gave the pups lots of attention, and kindly offered to take our photograph.  The perfect way to end our visit to the West Dennis Beach (Rating:  4).


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